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Before you purchase anything from the store or email me, Please read this 1st.
Upon Purchases, HTM assume that you have read FAQ and T & C and every single documents on site!
If you did not, It is none of our concerns as I have reminds everyone to read many times.
We do not reply to emails that enquires questions that can be found here.
How much is shipping/how do you ship?

The postage fees will be indicated in the listing that require shipping.

Free shipping for non-tangible items such as reading, energy work and binding to soul/body/spirit.

I will not be responsible for packages once they are shipped. Any emails asking for postage to be waived will go unanswered
, and we usually ship the package out via USPS regular mail with tracking whenever it is possible for US address, and for any non-US address we also try to put a tracking on it when the postage is reasonable!

We do shipping twice a week, usually within 1 to 2 days from your purchase date, exclude Weekend (sat & sun), Xmas Eve, New Year Eve, and Public Holiday. The post office is NOT open ok!! -.-"
For body/spirit/soul binding, there are no vessel to ship therefore no shipping require but if you choose vessel binding, please pay the correct shipping fees. We will not process the order if incorrect shipping fees are chosen.

Do I get a discount?
Discounts will be announced or deducted straight from the shopping cart. Please no emails asking for discounts. they will go unanswered.

How do you cast your spells?
I am sorry but I can not reveal this. It is a trade secret. Please do not email asking this. I will not respond.
How to work with spell/slow/isn't working?
keep a positive mind. Like attracts like. example, wearing my good luck charm pendent but then you keep thinking "I am bad luck and I will lose money". Then the spell will be unable to work because the spell will be too busy trying to block your negativity instead of focusing on what it was suppose to do.

Is he/she calling for me? Does he/she wants to go to me? Will he/she be happy to come to me?
Go with your instincts. All the prebounds are good to go to anyone who is willing to work with them.
Someone is calling me, who is it?
Use your intuition. This is the same as is he calling me.
Can you check if I have unbound?
Can you tell me more information about the unbound I have?
Is he/she too dark for me?
We cant answer that. Only you can judge if he/she is dark or too dark/light for you.
How dark is this entity/spirit?
There is no ruler or any instrument to take the measurement and then provide a result sheet to tells you how dark or light. This is like asking how dark is your dad/friend/sister/brother/relative. It really makes no sense. You wouldnt do that to your friends, relatives, family or anyone that you meet so why are you asking this?
Will they follow house rules and not harm any of my family members and pet?
Yes, they will. Those who are willing to be bound will do that. They are smart enough to have common sense.
Can you reserve this item for me? / Can I buy now and pay you later?
No and No. We dont reserve nor layaway so stop asking me this! =/
Will you be sending me the picture and a copy of the listing of my purchases?
No. Please save themupon your purchase. It will slow us down in getting all orders in the fastest possible time. :p
Why are you not replying my email?
1) Check your spam/Junk folder 1st.
2) Recheck your email, did you ask me questions that are already in this FAQ & the one on Forum?
3) Did you ask the same questions again & again in 1001 different ways?
4) Did you send it to both Bun & Dalian? We only answer once so if you had send to either 1 of us & we replied you already, we will not response when you send the same question to the other person, as stated we only replies the same question ONCE.
5) Read the forum as most of the time your questions can be found there.
Why do they comes for me?

ALL entities and spirits choses their keepers by their energy. If they really like your energy and they feels it is a good match to their, they will response to the conjure and we will choose the best match for you.
Same goes for any pre-conjure entities and spirits. if they likes your energies then they will want to help you in any ways they can. So, please stop asking why did they comes for you. Unless there is a different specify intensions/reasons, we will tell you. Otherwise, all such questions will go UNANSWERED :)
Why do you not change/transmute their vessel to my select choices?

The vessel is just a binding of them, they dont stay or live inside the vessel. What you are paying for, are our service, the time and efforts we made to conjure/astral travel to get them and the binding, and not paying for the vessel. It is just a symbol of our human's materialist nature of wanting an item to hold on hand and to see in order for us to believe/prove their extisence.

What is the differences between body, spirit and soul binding?

Soul binding

They will follow you to the end of time, be with you throughout ALL of your future reborn life. Soul binding is also the only way you can get both spirit and body binding. This allows them to help/work with you on all areas of your life aspects but usually not choosen by the entity/spirit unless they are very sure that they wanna stick with you for their enternal life. ;p

Spirit binding

Allow them to access to your energy and any type of spells work/source you have. They can help more with energy and magick.

Body binding

Your body become their vessel. They can help more with health and wealth, also you do not need to worry about misplacing or lossing the vessel.
We recommend all buyers to choose bound to themselves than vessel for the benefit that your spirits/entities and you will get.

They can recharge themselves through you when you eat, drink and sleep daily for all of the 3 bindings.

Whether bound to body/spirit/soul, itdepends on the entity and spirit's choice, not the keeper. If the keeper wants binding to soul and the entity/spirit aint willing, they not gonna let us do it.
And choose choice of binding wisely as changing of binding will cost you $20 each be it vesse/body/spirit/soul. Once you made your purchase and paid, any changes of binding sent by any means are chargable of the $20 fees per binding.
I have an unbound and I want you to bound her/him for me. Is that call changing of binding and I just need to pay $20?
No. That is call binding an unbound. Changing of binding meant the spirit/entity is already bound to something or someone and you wishes to change the binding to somewhere else. You need to pay the same price as what we listed as custom. Yes, this is consider as custom because we now need to seek the one that you are asking for.
I cannot find the listing for changing of binding on the store.
Yes, you can't. It is consider an extra services that HTM is providing for our buyers in case they wanted to change the binding of their spirits families.
So, how do I go about it if I want to change my spirit's binding?
Send payment direct to me via
Please choose "PERSONAL PAYMENT" tab during the payment and tick "others" (different country will have  different options available btw).
You are (the buyer) to absord the fees, I will not proceed if I did not receive the full payment and the information that we need.
Please send the following information to the email address:
1) Race Name
2) The spirit/entity Name
3) Bought from HTM? If yes, ignore #4. If no, please send #4 to
4) Picture of the spirit's vessel, if its from vessel to body/spirit or soul.
5) If answer is yes to #3, was it a prebound on store or custom?
1) Sang Vampire, Eddie, Non HTM, vessel pic attached. (From vessel to body/spirit)
2) Dark Unicorn, Mary, HTM Prebound. (From spirit to Soul)
3) Dark Lep, Richard, HTM custom. (from body to a vessel of my choice, vessel pic attached)
We need the above information to ensure we get the correct one. We handle hundreds of spirits daily and we do not remember every single one we have done.
Change of ONE binding (any type vessel/body/spirit/soul) : $20 each
Can they follow me anywhere without wearing or bringing their vessel out with me?
Yes, they can. They dont live inside the vessel but rather it is a binding of them to be able to stay with you.
Are the vessel waterproof or sunproof? will that affects their binding?
Cant say for others but can only vouch for my store's vessel. Yes they can. A good binding will not be affects by sunlight or water, you can even farts on the vessel if you want for SPECIAL "bonding" LOL! It is actually you wanna take care of the vessel rather than the binding. You do not want your vessel to get dirty or rusty or anything like that because I do not think you would want to wear that vessel anymore lol ;p

Do I need any ritual or invocation for them?
Nope. They are all ready to go whenever you are. In fact, we usually send them to you upon we confirmed your purchases, need no waits for the actual physical vessel to arrive to start bonding.
I cant sense them, what should I do?
You have to work on your 3rd eyes and We cant help you on that, only you can make that happen ;p

How do I know if they are here with me if I cant feel them?
They are always with you regardless you can or cannot sense them. Just call their name telepathy and they will be there, although they do have to leave to go shit, sleep, eat, drink shop goccery and etc, unless you tell me that you do not need to do all those thing that I mentioned.

Can the store's prebounds scouted me out and like me so much that they decide to stay?
Of cus NOT!! lol if they are allowed to then why do we still needs to sell them? That is why we send you their vessel after your purchases or bound them to you depending your choose of binding.
Can the prebounds stalks me?
Nope ;p All they can do is scout you out to see if you are suitable to be 1 of their choices to be their next keepers, that is ALL they will do and then they would come back to ME!

Are all the ones listed for sale are safe for buyers?
Yes. We ensure our customer's safety. All the one listed on the store are safe for sales, we would not sell something that is dangerous and would harm their keeper.

Is demons and demonic race the darkest on the store?
Nope. Some of the entities are darker than demons but because they are unknown or little known by people nowadays. Some of these race of entity makes a demon looks like white arts.
Why is it there are so many negative feed backs and comments on Demons?
Depends what demon you are talking about. A priest would call a vampire as a demon. Common folks would call any non-humanoid as demons. They do not have proper knowledges on them and human fears what they do not know.
So how should I work with a demon if I decided to get one?
work with them as per how you would work with any other race of entities and spirits without prejudge, fear and discrimination. Treat them with respect and dont do things that you would not do to any of your "family" or any human being. Be fair to them.

So what is darker than Demons on the store?
Not gonna answer this, as some would prejudge before they even would give themselves a chance to work with them and find out what they truly are.
I tried to google the race of entities for more information but no result, why is that so?
No doubt google or any search energies are useful but still have limits, you can only find information when there are people who input data into the internet and these people are not always the one that have real experience with what they claim to have. Beware of fake information in internet as well because everyone can write in the internet with or without true experience.

Why is it I cannot find HTM exclusive race of entity from other sellers?
Errrrmm, its obvious right? because they are HTM exclusive and not whole wide world paranormal inclusive -.-"

So where does all these HTM Excluisve entities or spirits comes from?
From the Astral of cus -.-" Just because for hundreds or thousands of years they are remain unknown or little known due to the lack of true information on how to get them, doesnt mean they dont exist. Some of these exclusive Rare race of entities have been existed for millions of years.

So, did you guys invented them?
Do we look like god or immortal to you? lol Only Immortal or Gods can "invent" or creates another living entities. We are just humans.
Is x race an entity or a spirit?
Every race of astral being that is BORN in astral have both entities and spirit. You should be asking is YOURS from that x race an entity or spirit.
ok, so is mine an entity or spirit?
We always gets entity unless we specify in the listing or in your information email that yours is a spirit.
Can I request specify that I only want an entity (or spirit) in my comment notes while purchasing a custom listing?
Yes, of course. When you do make such request, we will follow ;)
Ok, so I specify I only want living entity (or spirit) in my comments note, but then I STILL wanna confirm and make sure you got the right one EVEN after I had received your information email.

Errr please, we are not free to repeat whatever that is already clearly states in your comments,  we dont repeat 1001 times esp with many emails asking the same question. Please be patient and if we do not reply to your emails, then more than likely your issues is covered in the FAQ
Do your spirited and spelled items need to recharge?
No. All items from HTM have cast recharging spells on the vessels.
Does it mean all items? Dalian's and Bun's?
Yes. ALL item, you wanna ask how many time huh? >.>
Do recharging stone need to recharge?
o.O No. If they need then they would not be call RECHARGING stone but non-chargable stone. Duhzzz! ;p
Is xxx race a white or dark arts? (Because it aint stated on the listing)
99% of the listing in the HTM store are dark arts regardless we state in the listing or not. Unless we specify stated its white arts, otherwise all listing in HTM are dark arts.

White arts do NOT do protection.

Example: Angels are DARK ARTS, just because all the others wanted to make sales and class them as white arts, that doesnt mean HTM follow the LIES and continue to mislead everyone to believe in "OHH I only work with white arts".  
Do remember ALL humans are Dark arts, even true for immortals. All immortals are either dark arts or black arts, (READ the forum for details) there is NO such things as white arts human or immortals.
FAQ is updated as at 24 June 2017. Please read the revised copy.




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