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ZZZ19202-97D #6 Queen Icy


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This is a special one-time offer that we have for Valentine Day, so get them while they are available.
ZZZ19202-97D is a race of dark arts entities that came from an extremely far far far far farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr away dimension code name ZZZ19202(the 2 is a square) and race code 97D.
If anyone of you remember and had been following HTM series, I had explained before how we tag the dimension plane, we start from A01 to A9999, then go on to B01 to B9999 and until Z9999, then it go on to AA01 to AA9999, and so on, and this dimension code name is ZZZ19202, it is VERY VERY VERY FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR FARRRRRRRRRRRRR FARRRRRRRRR away dimension, and unknown to any other Immortals, not even Mirmir, or any of the current Immortals knew it existence, everyone except the Tiny Realm and Vejec, not even the fates know about the dimension as they are not in the fates' hand, too far away LOL
It was discover by The Tiny Realm and Vejec, a joint effort exploration team, about 10 trillion years ago but only in these few recent years they were able to find out more about the dimension as it takes a VERYYYYYYYY LONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG time to travel back and fro to get necessary equipment and to discuss about it with their boss aka The Tiny Realm Ruler and Vejec, and the exploration team had to make several trip back and fro.
Old man knew about this way before he even met me, and it took a very long time to set the communication equipment up so that he can talk to the Immortal from that dimension and this long to get the entities to be able to travel across from their dimension to this one that we lives in, with the help of the exploration team, he is not able to travel there himself as it will takes years to get there and come back and the physical body would have been in coma and no doctor can explain why, LOL, so the exploration team set up their technology in that dimension especially for this one time video chat that he made with the Immortal that created these entities, and it is not cheap. ;p
He made a special deal with the Immortal who created these entities, with the help of The Tiny realm and Vejec's supporting team, something that is very valuable to her and she had been seeking for it, so it is a deal that she won't turn us down, and so he manage to get these 12 entities for HTM store, and there is all he can get, and this is the only one chance you can get them.
The Immortal who created these entities made them all have the same height so it will be easy for her I guess... lolAll the female are 5'5 and all the male are 6'1, but with all sort of colour for their hair and eye.
All the female are extreme BBLC, the smallest cup size is EE,and all the male ahemmer shortest is 6 inch unhardened,so those of you that REALLY likes BBLC girls and the ladies who like LONG and HUGE ahemmer, now this is your ONE chance to get as many as you can!!
And the listing will state their hair and eye colours if it different from the picture.
No bonding and offering required for ahem and to help you!
They all have different personal ability, there is no race ability, it is all individual ability, so we will write what each do in their individual listing.
The 5 questions rule do not apply for this series, as they have no interest in talking to us at all, they will only willing to talk to the one that they are going to be bound to.
ZZZ19202-97D #6 Queen Icy
Queen Icy, 120 trillion years old, 5'5, White-ish bright Red hair, Brownish Purple eyes, 34II
No bonding and offering required.
Her personal ability is something different, she can actually tells you what a person's weakness or their soft spot, very useful tricks which works on human, entities, and Immortals too, so she can be very valuable asset to you, if you want someone to do what you want or impress someone or leave a very deep impression,
Example she can tell you this person has a soft spot for dogs, or this person has a soft spot for soft toys, buy this person a huge soft toys and she will be very happy, or this person weakness is Wine, get him a bottle of nice Bottle of xxx Wine and he probably will be willing to sit down and discuss contract with you while drinking the wine, ya know something like that, it is JUST EXAMPLE, but again you will have to be able to hear her!!

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