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Wealth, luck and Fortune Entities #8 Jon


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Product Information

Wealth, luck and Fortune Entities is a race of entities that were created by Zayner, the God of Wealth.
And as for what they do, well... look at the name we name them, as you can see as always, we lack of creativities as to what to name them, or maybe we just too lazy. ;p
They are forwealth,good luckandgood fortune, and yes they are ahemable if you bond with them, and that is all they do, but they are very good at what they do.
They all seems to like Jade, doesn't matter what type of Jade, and they are all straights.
This is the first time they are binding bound, they have worked with the human when the astral and physical plane still had a open portal and they had once walked on physical plane, so doesn't require binding when you are walking on the same plane with them. -.-"
So this will be the very first time they are being bound in the astral plane, and works with a human on the physical plane.
And these are all what is available for binding, this is not a regular listing.
The 5 questions rules applies for this series.
Ask simple questions, not a novel long question, and we only do the questions, so do not write us any details that you want us to tell them because you have to tell them yourself, that is part of bonding.
These are example of the questions, taken from the previous series, that we thinks it is great and allows the person to know more about the entities.
What is your favorite style of music?
What kind of foods and drinks do you like?
What are your hobbies and interests?
What type of outdoor activities do you like if you have any?
What type of sports do you like if you have any?
What is your favorite flowers?
What is your favorite types of coins?
What TV programs or movies do you enjoy?
So if you are unsure what to ask, you can take the above as a guideline, doesn't mean you have to.
Wealth, luck and Fortune Entities #8 Jon
Jon, 280,000 years old, 6'1
Offerings: Coins, Jade, and Cashew
For bonding, talk to him and get to know him. He is ahemable if you bond with him and is a straight female, but he will work with male or female, he doesn't care which gender as long as they are willing to work with him.

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