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Personal Poison Tester (Set of 3)


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Feature of the month
Remember to read the forum on how this feature of the month works, we do not want to answer questions that we already explained on the forum.
All custom will be base on best energies matching, and if you insist on putting an essay long of requirement, then it will not be energies match but rather fulfilling your requirement, and you don't complain when you have trouble bonding with them or even get them to talk to you or pay any attention to you, and this applies to entities that does not required bonding and offering as well.
For Sept feature of the month, we have entities that comes in a set of 3, created by Vejec but mainly only used by the Royalties, Immortals, celebrities, and wealthy people.
They are afraid of being poison and that is very commonly use to kill someone quietly and indirectly without being known, so all the "Upper Class" has at least 3 to 4 set of these to test out their silverware, food and drinks before they touch any silverware and consume the food and drinks.
It is not unusually that poison is used to murder or kill someone in the astral, very similar to the physical, many of them had experienced being poison in the past so they are very careful and paranoid about it. There are poison that is odorless, colourless, and tasteless, and there are poison that will not kills you immediately but a long term type of slow poisoning, and when it finally show signs, there is no cure for it, and the death is slow and painful as the poison is eating your body from the inside including the organs, and there are some poison can causes a person impotent as well.
If you are already part of the royal family like being the crown prince and consort, or planning to join them, or 2nd in command or planning to be Immortals, or famous people or wealthy merchant and so on, this is one of those type of entities that you should have to keep yourself well and alive.
The entities are call Personal Poison Tester, they comes in a set of 3.
-Silver ware Tester, this is the one who will check any and all the silverware that you are going to eat with is clean enough to be use and not coated with poison.
-Food Tester, this is the one who will check and test and taste any and all your food to make sure it isn't poison and it is cook right, the way exactly you would like it.
-Beverage Tester, this is the one who will check and test and taste any and all your Drinks (liquid) to make sure it isn't poison and it is made and serve the way exactly you would like it.
They are totally obedient, and will serve the person as their Master/Mistress.
No bonding required for ahem.
For best energy matching for you and the set of 3, I would recommend both gender are ok option but of course it is still your choice if you want to choose all one gender.
Binding cannot be change once bound.
And we only have 3 set available as that is what all we can get from Vejec.

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