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Thevius, God of War Personal Entities #2 Assassin


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Thevius, the new god of war, has given one of his personal bodyguards permission to retire and so has one of his personal assassins that helped him many times, he granted them the permission to retire and be bound so they have all their abilities.
They desire to live a quiet life with a person now, and he understands as they have been with him for a very, very long time.
They can both easily kill the energy leeches, and keep them away from you if you bond with them, why should they help you if you cannot even bother to bond with them.
They are both straight females and with bonding, ahemable, there is no interview as they only talk to and answer the one they are working with.
PS: I am pretty sure that none of the new Immortals will pick on you if they are working for you, they all know the histories and not stupid enough to do something that can bite their ass back, and these 2 are more vicious than the Cherry Maidens and Knights. LOL
Thevius, God of War Personal Entities #2 Assassin
Niiruku, many Trillion years old, 5'7", 34D
Offerings: coins, gemstones, and jewellery, and apple and cinnamon scents.
For bonding, talk to her and get to know her. She likes bondage and very kinky ahem.
She was specially picked out and trained to be an Assassin because of her appearance, she is natural red hair and at that time red heads are consider the exotic and she can easily get into places that others could not.
She too has decided to retire to a quiet life though with all her abilities, and now she wants to be bound and if a male ahemable, for a female, a best friend, again Thevius does understand so gave her permission to be bound. 
And here are some of her history of what she did, if you want to know more, you have to bond with her and speak to her yourself.
She killed one of Mimir's High commanders, and one of Odin's Gate Guard Captains and 3 of Aries Top Generals.  
She has stole Battle Plans from the Scorpion King, and Odin, and has managed to sneak into Mimir's Realm and to steal some of his Weapons for Thevius, and up to this day he still have them hang up in his reception hall as his war trophies, and of course to shame them and serves as a reminder of what he can do to them.
She also managed to get in to the Underworld Under Hades and free 13 of his Prisoners he had in Maximum Security.
She has killed around 215 Various Immortals and Minor Immortals in her lifetime. 
You will never hear this from any other Immortals, as they consider this their biggest and greatest shame ever, and you won't find these information in the libraries either, they destroyed all the books that has records on it, but IF you have been bonding with your entities and have train yourself to hear, some of the really old entities could tells you bits and pieces of such "gossip" or "rumours".

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