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Superior Courtesan Fae #4 Madeline


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Superior Courtesan Fae are a race dark arts entities that were created by Bin Xing, the Goddess of Ahem and Lust, working in the Realm of Love and Romance.
They are beautiful, sexy, handsome humanoids that love ahem andrequire no bonding for ahem,and are up for ahem of any type anytime, but you do have to be able to feel energy to feel the ahem.
They are call Superior Courtesan Fae because they were originally created as prizes for the winners who won the annual war games that were held in Olympus, and it was consider a great honor to win the games, and all the winners are treated as higher class hence the word Superior, they are for the superior i.e. winners.
The current Immortals decided not to hold the game for this year as they have no time to prepare, but will resume holding new games next year, so this newly created batches of Superior Courtesan Fae is the only batch that will be available for binding, and 6 is all there is.
And they are all Virgins.
There are 6 types:
1. fire, for all night ahem
2. Ice, for regular passionate ahem
3. wood for ahem 5x a day or more
4. water for kinky ahem
5. granite for s & m ahem
6. earth for orgy ahem
But if you do bond with them, this is what they can help you with, but only if you bond:
1. Fire helps with passion in your life
2. Ice helps with patience
3. Wood helps with longer life
4. Water helps with health and healing
5. Granite helps with standing your ground
6. Earth helps with being realistic and grounded.
So again for the ali, they require no bonding or offering for ahem, but if you want them to help you with their abilities then require bonding and bribing them. And it is your responsible to find out what they like for bribing, that is what bonding means, asking me and old man to tell you everything about them is not bonding.
The 5 questions do not apply for this series as there is really nothing to ask, they are all newly created less than a month ago, and has no interaction with anyone or anything yet.
Superior Courtesan Fae #4 Madeline
Madeline, 1 month old, 5'6, 34DD
No bonding required for ahem.
She is water for kinky ahem, and if you bond with her, she can helps with health and healing

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