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Soul bound Entity/Spirit Reading


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Soul bound Entity/Spirit Reading
Are you curious to know if you have any soul bound entities/spirits with you from your past life? Get this reading and you will know.
Soul bound is not cheap in many era, could cost up to 100,000 gold for one soul bound and to find a trusted conjurer to do it, and have to be a real one that knows how to do it, so do not be disappointed if you have none or only a few.
Most of the time, the people do have it are rich people, or people who save up hard and willing to spend the money on doing soul bound, so if your result come back with zero, no need to get disappointed, and if you do have 1 or 2, then YAY!!! :D
This reading will reveal if you have any soul bound entities/spirits from your past life, we will tell you how many and what type they are, and that is all we will write, there will be no specify details info, this reading only $15 and not $150!!! -.-
Example of a reading result
0 soul bound entities/spirits
1 soul bound entities; 1 succubus
3 soul bound entities; 1 Male Black western Dragon, 1 female woodland Elf, and 1 male Lep
The reading will look something like the above, and that is the results you will get for this reading, and that is all we will send.
We will take about 2 to 3 days to do the reading. All reading result will be sent to your email address that you use to register for the store account.
Please be warn that if you are using private company or school email address, there are high chances that your sever host will automatic rejects our emails and we will unable to send you any email.
And recently, we have the same problem with hotmail as well, so if you can use gmail account email address.

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