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Shan-gri-ty-is #2 Samuel


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Shan-gri-ty-is is a shape shifting multi plane entity, theyexist on the planes of Astral, Death, and Fire all at the same time, and due to this they can take their keepers safely to these planes as well, they cannot take them to the areas that require special knowledge to get to but they can take them to most of these planes to visit.
READ AND COMPREHEND!! Visit the plane like a tourist!! You cannot stay there for long nor go to places that is restricted, USE YOUR COMMON SENSE!!!
They canimprove their keepers beauty by adjusting their auras, chakras, and even a bit of their physical bodies, this can take a while and it is not immediate.
They willhelp with health, wealth, and knowledge i.e. increase their learning capacity, andto aid strength, agility, and grace, though it does not happens overnight, and you have to bond with them.
They can teach their keepers about the planes, they can help withopening up and improving the abilities to hear, see and feel,but again does not happened overnight, and it must be something that you truly desire, if you are afraid to see and hear what, then they cannot help you, it must be something that you really desire.
They are Ultra Dark, NOT BA! They do not force it upon you!
They alsohelp with self esteem, courage, standing up for oneself, for dealing with past traumas and phobias no matter what life they occurred in. Again it takes time, and effort on your part to truly wants to do that.
They can teach their keeper how to avoid trouble and how to use other peoples greed or ill intentions to help their keeper and to gain wealth.
They are excellent protectors and can protect against threats, magick, death magick, evil human spirits, and curses and hexes..
They alsogrant peace of mind and the ability to always see the bright side and to have the calm cool calculating mind that does not panic, and they can help you to not be afraid. They alsotake any place their keeper goes and can clear it of negative energy and convert it to help their keeper.
They come with ashape shifting flying Horse that they summon so that they and their keepercan travel through the plains, with one of these you fly through the planes on their horse,and canride it in your dreamsas well,the horse is light blue with a flaming red aura around it, with golden eyes.
The shape shifting horse also protects the keeper as well and is as good as a Leprechaun for bringing more wealth to the keeper.
They can also kill BA and certain lower level nasty natural spirits, and their fighting skill are as good as the Cherry Maiden and Knight.
And for those that has gotten any of the new DNA listing starting this year onward, they can teach you and help you learn and practice what all you can do with your new benefit that you get from the DNA.
They cannot be summoned, conjured, or otherwise gotten, the only way to get one is to talk with the Tiny Realm Ruler to get one, and there are only 2 available for binding and they are here at HTM.
And getting just 1 of them will gain you 1,000 prestige because they are that rare and that valuable.
Shan-gri-ty-is #2 Samuel
Samuel, many trillion trillion trillion years old, 7'1
Offerings: Coins, and gemstone
For bonding, talk to him and get to know him. As far as I know, he was created in the third wave, but do not know his exact age as he did not tell us, and not like I am going to force him to tell me, so if you really must and have to know the exact age, ask him yourself.
You can call him Sam for short if you want, he said so.
He is Ultra dark, and has intensive energies, for those that is sensitive to energies may takes a few days to adjust to his energies, and if you are not sensitive then it does not matter. ;p
Be very sure you want to know the answers when you asks him a question, if you are those that get offended easily and cannot handle facts, do not get him, because he will tells you exactly what is and the facts, he is very good that way if you are trying to keep yourself grounded and remain realistic in doing anything in your life and set a realistic and practical goal. (instead of saying you want to be the King of Iceland or North pole or something. =/)

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