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Shadow Dancers 5x1


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Shadow Dancers 5x1
Chiwakahu, (and I can't really pronounce or spell it right) which is also known Shadow Dancer, and that I can pronounce and spell it right so let's just call them that. ;p
They are under Iola, a Minor Immortal in the realm of Safe travel, and she wants to reintroduce them to the human.
They are a race of entities that are Native American Indian's protection spirits and can be only summoned by a real shaman/medicine man (both means the same thing), they were extremely popular among all the tribes.
The last Shadow Dancer was conjured in the early 1900s, when the new generation grows up, many left and went to the cities, or they no longer knows their own culture and traditions anymore and simply does not believe in the astral and protection spirits.
There are 5 types of Shadow Dancers, and they protects against different things:
1) Kaching. This is obvious, they guard your kaching from being stolen, con or scam.
2) General protection. Again, this is obvious, they are for protecting you.
3) Negative energies. They protects you against negative energies, and will warn you to avoid it if you can hear them. This does not means you can purposely go take a walk in areas that fills with bad energies and then expects them to do all the works and you walk out unharmed. Use your common senses. There is a differences between accidently walk into something and being REALLY stupid.
4) Physic attacks. They can protect you from physic attacks and psy vamp from draining your energies.
5) They warn you and help you to avoid dangerous area and things that can kill and hurt you, you have to be able to hear them otherwise they could be screaming in your ear and you can't hear them, or hammering you and you wouldn't even feel it.
All of them will try their best to warn you of danger, so if you have a feeling of not to go certain places then follow your instinct, do not go on that day.
They are ahemable if you bond with them.
And when they are summon and bound together at the same time with a special binding, their abilities and power increases x100.
This is already discounted prices, and only for 5 qty. See I am so nice. ;p
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