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Samhain Special Acquire #2 Red Fox Lady


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The Samhain Special Acquire will only take place on the night of 31st Oct, entities info will be send out after 2nd Nov and will takes a few days, so if you cannot wait, DO NOT BUY!!
They are all ahemable if you bond with them, and binding cannot be change once bound.
We only have very limited slot for all of them, and we need to prepare in advance for all the necessary materials and things for the Acquire so by 20th Oct whatever is unsold will be pulled down, so if you want them, get them fast and do not wait until last minutes.
And this series will be the last of the Samhain Special, this is it, there will be no other listings for Samhain Special Conjure or Acquire.
Voucher can be used for this series.
Samhain Special Acquire #2 Red Fox Lady
Like I mentioned in previous listing, because of the rare occurrence of 3 eclipse (solar or lunar), and 3 red moon within a year anywhere around the world, this 3 type of entities will occur this year Samhain but only 1 each.
The Red Fox Lady is the 1st of 3 type and she is for increasing your Charm, Charisma, Beauty, and Cunning, she is call Red Fox Lady because of her "Foxy" appearance and attitude, she can get men do what she wants and charm bird off the trees so as to speak.
When one is bound, she can help you to increase your charms and charisma to be able to talk to other Royalties and Immortals and helps to impress them and leave a good impression so that you will have higher chance of being remember and get nominate for whatever you thinking of.
No gender option because the Red Fox LADY only have FEMALE.
She will be 1 day old, and Virgin.
She is ahemable if you bond with her, and binding cannot be change once bound.
Only 1 available.

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