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Reading: Krintsa Negal (Number of Luck)


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Reading: Krintsa Negal (Number of Luck)
As you all know some of the newly promoted Immortals are now finally starting to settle into their new position, and they are keen to starts their kaching collection, kaching is good in anywhere you go, physical or astral. ;p
Resianid, the newly promoted Goddess of Numerology, working Under the Realm of Divination, she names her Lucky Number Reading as Krintsa Negal which in her language Dialect means Number of Luck, which is now what commonly known as Numerology.
This reading can tell you what is your lucky number for the current month, and what number to avoid as it may not bring you luck for that particular month, so the reading will have 2 number, one is your lucky number, and one number is to avoid for the month.
Every month changes for every human, so if you are really interested to know what is your lucky number and bad luck number for every month, you will have to get this listing once every month, best to do it before the current month end so that you will know what is your next month number before it comes. ;p
And of course for every reading we do, part of it will goes to Resianid, she wants to starts building up her own kaching.
We will take about 2 to 3 days to do the reading. All reading result will be sent to your email address that you use to register for the store account.
Please be warn that if you are using private company or school email address, there are high chances that your sever host will automatic rejects our emails and we will unable to send you any email.

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