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Rainbow Humming Bird Dragon #4 Alan

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Product Information

Rainbow Humming Bird Dragon is a type of miniature rainbow color dragon that has wing like the humming bird, and about 3 inch tall in full adult height.
They can help with small amount of kaching, not for winning lottery and then hire ton of strippers ;p, but small amount of kaching that if you take the time and effort to look out for it, it could add up to a nice amount of kaching that you can save up for rainy days.
They also can help with overall health and wealth, and helps prevent their keeper from catching diseases and virus.
Read: HELP prevent, does not mean you are immune, so if you PURPOSELY go into area that you KNEW it has serious disease and viruses spreading around and you expect to walk out untouched, you are definitely an idiot! They HELPS to prevent and NOT miracle worker!
They can also help to keep their keeper out of trouble, such as your boss is going to scold you for something you did wrong, so maybe his phone will ring and it is a person that he had been trying to impress or keep in touch with so he will answer the phone instead of scolding you and giving you time to correct your mistake, and that is just 1 example of MANY situation that they can help you with.
But if you keep making the same mistake over and over again, eventually people going to catch on and you will be in deep trouble, again they are not miracle worker.
They are very good at what they do, and they will do their best to keep their keeper away from trouble and out of trouble but at the same time you have to learn from your mistake and not make the same one again.
And yes, all their abilities works both on the physical and astral.
Rainbow Humming Bird Dragon #4 Alan
Alan, 180,000 years old, 3', rainbow color with hummingbird wings
Offerings: Coins and gemstone any type.
For bonding, talk to him, get to know him and bribe him with coins. They ARE dragons ya know, they all loves coins!!

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