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Package Deal for 3 Readings

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Package Deal for 3 Readings
This is a package deal for the 3 new readings and they are as the following:
Soul bound Entity/Spirit Reading
Have you ever been a "Bob" Reading
Epic Battle/Event Reading
We will take about 3 to 5 days to do the reading. All reading result will be sent to your email address that you use to register for the store account.
Please be warn that if you are using private company or school email address, there are high chances that your sever host will automatic rejects our emails and we will unable to send you any email.
And recently, we have the same problem with hotmail as well, so if you can use gmail account email address.
Soul bound Entity/Spirit Reading
Are you curious to know if you have any soul bound entities/spirits with you from your past life? Get this reading and you will know.
Soul bound is not cheap in many era, could cost up to 100,000 gold for one soul bound and to find a trusted conjurer to do it, and have to be a real one that knows how to do it, so do not be disappointed if you have none or only a few.
Most of the time, the people do have it are rich people, or people who save up hard and willing to spend the money on doing soul bound, so if your result come back with zero, no need to get disappointed, and if you do have 1 or 2, then YAY!!! :D
This reading will reveal if you have any soul bound entities/spirits from your past life, we will tell you how many and what type they are, and that is all we will write, there will be no specify details info, this reading only $15 and not $150!!! -.-
Example of a reading result
0 soul bound entities/spirits
1 soul bound entities; 1 succubus
3 soul bound entities; 1 Male Black western Dragon, 1 female woodland Elf, and 1 male Lep
The reading will look something like the above, and that is the results you will get for this reading, and that is all we will send.
Have you ever been a "Bob" Reading
For those who are a regular readers on the forum, the Bob here refers to "Bob's Destiny" story, and for those who ain't reading the forum, read this topic before buying as I will not repeat the story here.
Bob's Destiny
So this reading, "Have you ever been a Bob?" from your past life, refers to have you ever totally missed out a great opportunity that was place right in front of your face but you walked away from it due to not knowing what you had stumble upon and found.
In another word, Lost opportunity!
This reading will be useful for you as you get to know a small part of yourself from the past and hopefully you will not do it again in this current life, if you did have lost opportunity in your reading, then you have to open up your eyes wide and big this time, and ready to know when opportunity comes knocking on your door again, and be sure this time not to miss it. ;p
Open your eyes very wide and big, as big as like when Merchen see a Merman and thinking how to kidnap him back to his castle. ;p
And in the reading, if we mentioned certain item for your Lost opportunity, meaning that item in that particular era is consider valuable, and can fetch good kaching!
Example of a reading result:
Sample 1
0 time being a Bob (YAY!!!! You did good!!! ;p)
Sample 2
1 time being a Bob. You got lost in the wood, slip and fall into a hole where a Rich Silver Mine vein lied, complain being bad luck, you climb out and went on looking for the way out the wood. Never knew what you had stumble upon.
Sample 3
2 times being a Bob
- Got lost while hunting, you trip and fall onto a Salt deposit, never knew what you had stumble upon, complained about the broken leg, and limb back home.
- Got lost in the forest, heard a strange sound and you chased it and fell into a narrow hole with sharp objects sticking out the side and scratched you, you bleed and complain it hurts, you climbed out with wounds and tried to find your way home. Never knew what you had stumble upon, it was a super rich Quartz Mine.
The reading will look something like the above, and that is the results you will get for this reading, and that is all we will send.
Epic Battle/Event Reading
Have you ever wonder or wants to know if any of your past life that you had been in any of the Epic Battle or Events that took place? And if you did, as what? As a witness or just as a onlooker but never got involved or you actually took part in it?
Well wonder no more! This reading will reveal if you had ever took part, involved, witness, onlooker or passerby in any Epic Battle/Event!
Example of Epic Battles will be like any of the BA war fought in the physical and astral plane in all waves and all era, or like the Battles between the Immortals to get into power or Kingdom invading and conquered another Kingdom, and so on.
Example of Epic Events will be like witnessing the Crowning of King Arthur (or any other Kings and Queens, not necessary have to be King Arthur, just using him as an example), or to witness a new invention premieres and see it works the first time, and so on.
The above are just example of what Epic Battle and Events means, so it doesn't means yours are like that, it is just EXAMPLE!! ;p
Example of a reading result
Sample 1
0 Epic Battle, and 0 Epic Event
Sample 2
1 Epic Battle, and 0 Epic Event.
You were a soldier, and fought in a BA war (this wave), and you died in the war.
Sample 3
1 Epic Battles, and 1 Epic Event.
Epic Battle: You were a passerby to an Epic Battle between the Greek Immortals fighting to see who deserved more temples, but you did not realized what was happening, and you went on with your traveling. -.-"
Remark by Bun:
I know this sound ridiculous and impossible, but I had seen it happened to some people when we do their past life reading. -_____________________- that is why I included this as an example! LOL >.>
Epic Event: You bought a train ticket to the opening premieres of the first steam Train being run in that Era, and witness it ran and travelled in it.
The reading will look something like the above, and that is the results you will get for this reading, and that is all we will send.

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