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Orion's Trio Guardian #3 Orion's Amulet


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Product Information

Orion's Trio Guardian consist of Orion's Belt, Orion's Ring and Orion's Amulet, and there are 1 Guardian in each artifact, and each artifact is sold separately, so read careful on which one you are buying as all 3 has different function and ability.
Orion was the name of the King of a small realm in the astral from 3 waves ago, he commissioned Vejec to create the 3 artifact for protection, charisma, and ahem pleasure, unfortunately he didn't get a chance to use it, a BA war broke out shortly and wipe him kingdom out, and the trio Guardian took the Artifact with them and went into hibernation mode .
We read about it in Vejec archive so asked his help to go dig it out and permission to sell on HTM, and of course we begged shamelessly too! :p
The 3 Guardian has no name, they were meant to be name by Orion but since he didn't they remain nameless so you are name them whatever you want, and they are all still virgin.
I will send an activation code for the artifact upon bound to you, all you have to do is say the code, does not matter you say it on the physical while you awake or say it in the astral while you astral out, as long as the artifact and the Guardian is bound to you, the code will works.
Additional Ability Bonus:
When you buy all 3 artifact together, there is an additional ability that Orion's Trio Guardian can grant the person, and that is enable the keeper to shape shift himself/herself for 2 hours once a week, within reason of course. The full trio set will also provides healing energies for minor injury occurs during shape shifting, but only when you get all 3 together. MINOR injury and NOT miracle healing.
Each artifact has a different activation code and we will send the code after you buy, and there is a 4th code to activate when you get all 3 at the same time, the 4th code is the one that activate the additional ability, obviously you will only get the 4th codes when you buy all 3 together. 
Orion's Trio Guardian #3 Orion's Amulet
Orion's Amulet is to have an Artificial Wings attached to the back of the keeper which enable the person to fly at a great speed about 100 miles/hr (200km/hr) for 2 hours once a week, the amulet will need to recharge for the next use. And when not using the wings, it will automatic disappear, and only reappear for the next use.
The wings can also generate a small area storm such as windstorm, rainstorm or sandstorm, depending what area/landscape is around you as defense to confuse the enemies and buy you time to escape for 10 times. I would not suggest you to stay and fight if you treasure your life. ;p
In another word, if you are in a dessert, it will NOT do a rainstorm *bunnie roll her eyes very hard*, it will probably do a small sandstorm to cover you while you escape.
And for once a year, the artifact enable the person to do nonstop ahem for a week even Orgy ahem. Once a year is 600 days according to astral year.
The Guardian can also protects the keeper from being impotent including Wyrinze ONE time, so yes if you get all 3 then you have 3 times of being protected.
Guardian of the Amulet, many trillion years old, 5'6, 36Q
Offerings: Coins and gemstone.
For Bonding, talk to her and get to know her.

Product Code: Orion's Amulet





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