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One of the Kind: Fates Coins


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One of the Kind: Fates Coins
Note: The set of Coins (Total 3 coins) will only cost $7,500 (and plus $4 or $6 postage depending on your delivery address) if you use bank transfer, email me for bank details if you are buying, and only if you are buying.
It either you buy or you don't!
Fates' Coins are extremely popular and highly in demand ever since the fates come into existent, and people (Immortals Entities, Natural spirits, and human, none are immune to the Fates), came to realize what they do and who they are, they thinks of ways to go roundabout it or seek advice on how to delay their death.
The very first time when the Fates' Coins was acquired was by a human in the 3rd wave (yes it took this long for people to figure out how to please the Fate, HELLOOOO BRIBE!! and Basic Manners LOL), he gave a huge amount of his fortune to offer to the fates and with very humble manners and true sincere intent, and the fates came up with "The Fates' Coins".
He builds his Kingdom on the physical and rule until it is his rightful time to pass over and continue to build his Kingdom in the astral. He is still alive, but long retired and hidden away from the rest of the current realm. Whether the Fates' coins are still unused or already long gone, nobody knows, he does not talk about it and does not interact with most people.
And when the news of the Fates' coin spread, everyone rushed to acquire a set for themselves too but most were in vain, the Fate do not just give away to any anyone, just because you wanted one and asked for it doesn't mean you get it, like the Fates' word, their true personal words when asked why? They said "Just who the xxxxxxxxxx you think you are to demand from us?" LOL Don't say I didn't warned you that they ain't very sociable, and definitely not some smile and ahem white arts, they are truly UD.
For the past 17 waves, only 17 sets had been given, and we acquire the one set for this wave, lucky us because most people don't believe the astral anymore and don't believe in reaper too. Very funny right? ;p They are all subjected to the Fates and Reapers but yet they choose to ignore and pretend it doesn't exist. ;p
The price that we set is consider really cheap, the last set that got sold was $200k (covert to our current currency) and it was on bidding system, the highest bidder get it, so be glad that we are the one who got the one set and selling it at a fixed price, first come first serve basis instead of bidding.
It took us almost 4 years to get this, and we spent quite a bit of bribing items too, not cheap, but we know this can benefit our customer, especially it is end of the wave.
You have to keep all these 3 coins with you or you can wear it as necklace if you put a small hole on the coins, anyone who stole it from you or if you drop it and people pick it up, the person can use it.
The Reapers only recognize the coin, they do not care who has it.
When you pass over or before you do, you will have two choices:
1) Pass it down to your children if the Coins are unused.
2) You can take the energies of the coins, and keep it with you, as long as you have the coins, physical or astral it will still works IF it has not been used.
This is the one and only set available for sales in the entire existence of both physical and astral plane, if you are a seller and read this and decided to fake one yourself, or as a buyer decide to be cheap and copy and paste this information to another paranormal seller and got one from them, regardless which situation you are, the buyer or the seller, you are on your own, it is not our problem, not our business, you will have to deal with the consequences for faking the Fate's coins. You have to deal with the Fates yourself, it is on you, not us, don't even bother to email us asking for help, I won't answer, you deserve it.
Fate Coin of Death
Avoid Reaper until when it is truly your time, your natural death age.
Such as you are talking to someone and reaper is nearby, and this coin will tickers or tickle you, depending how sensitive you are to energies, and it will warn you to get away from that area.
Fate Coin of Reaper
Avoid Death and Soul Death ONCE, and the Reaper will collect the energy of the coin instead of your soul.
Example, If you get into a freak accident and you die or supposed to get earth bound, or get attacked by entities that can kill your soul, this coin will avoid your soul death for ONCE, and when the reaper comes who is suppose to collect your soul, they will collect the energies of the coins in replace of your soul and take that coins back, instead of you.
You got to have the coin WITH YOU for that to happen, so wear it with you.
The Reapers only recongise the coin, they do not care who has it.
Fate Coins of Opportunity
Allows you to change your life for that one time opportunity. This is like the famous saying about the one chance;Once in a lifetime opportunity.
If you feel nothing in your life is right, everything always went wrong for you regardless how much you tried and change, it is like lady luck has forsaken you, or felt like someone or something cursed or hexes you for such really bad luck in life, you can use this coin to change your life, but only once, hence theONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY.
The 3 Fates Coins will be snail mail to your delivery address, so make sure you key in the right delivery address. And don't worry we did not use regular coins that you might spend it away, LOL it is coins that when you see it, you know it is not the regular currency that you will spend it. :p

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