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One of a Kind Powerful Talisman with Enforcer Guardian


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Product Information

One of a Kind Powerful Talisman with Enforcer Guardian
What we have here for sales is an One of a Kind Extremely powerful Talisman that can right any wrongs that had been done to you and your love one in the past and present, and it can protects you and your love ones from being wronged in the future.
This is a Talisman for righting any wrongs, and can be use for revenge on people that had done you or/and your loves one great wrong from the past and present which caused you great suffering in silent and grief but there is nothing you could do to that person, and the catch is they will not know it is you who is doing it, so that no one can blame you for it.
A good Example of what the talisman can be use for is such as a person in your work place causes a lot of troubles for no reason and nothing they do contribute to the world, they are nothing but a pain in the butt, and cause other people around them to suffer and make life so miserable, and they do it just because they can or to feel good about themselves and yet nothing or no one can do anything about it due to whatever reason it may be, this will be the one talisman that can punish them for such stupid behavior, every stupid action should have a consequences instead of letting them loose, and again the best part is no one knows who did it. ;p
Due to the nature that it is working its magick of taking revenge in a sneaky and quiet way without getting you involved in it, it will take a longer route or a very roundabout ways of doing so, and universe works in a mystery ways so if you let the talisman do it works without interfering, justice WILL be served, though it may not be in a way you would expected but will be very satisfying in the end and of course like I mentioned, the catch is no one, not even the targeted person, will knows it is you, and so leaving you out of the picture totally and no one will suspect or blames you for it.
So give it about 6 to 8 months to work it ways around it, and things should slowly falls into places and the targeted person will suffer the true consequences of their own doing, and therefore Justice will be served, and revenge will be done.
The Talisman will be created using a small silver coin so that it will be easy to mail, you do not have to carry it with you for it to work, you just have to own it, you can tuck it under your clothing in your wardrobe or keep it in a box or where ever you find it easiest for you to keep it, and it will do fine, you just have to tell the talisman WHO you want to have Justice serves, and then you can tuck it away somewhere in your house or room.
The Talisman will be imbrues with spells work and blessing by all the 3 neutrals, it will only be done upon purchased, it is a custom personalized Talisman, only you can use it, and it will be created to work with your energies and only you.
And it will be carry over to the astral when you passes, so you only have to buy this once in your lifetime, unless you choose to give it back the neutral and forfeit it, otherwise it will follows you eternally.
In additional, an entity will be created by Vejec as the Guardian of the Talisman, he will only creates the entity upon purchases, so it is custom and personalize to you only, the entity will only listen and talk to you and very loyal but only to you, and yes you can choose the gender and ahemable if you bond with him/her.
The Guardian will be created matching to your energies and will only work with you and it will follows you through life, as good as soul bound, and if you want to write in 1001 demands of how the entity has to look like, I will arrange a meeting between you and Vejec and you can tell him all your 1001 requirement along with an essay long of demand, and if you cease to exist within a hundred of a second, don't forget to pay us first then cease to exist. :p
The Guardian is for guiding and guarding the talisman and you, and for teaching and training and prepare the person to learn to be an enforcer and can work in Vejec realm, because Vejec is thinking of hiring someone to help him with the enforcer job.
And if you do become an Enforcer, you will be well respected and feared by other Immortals, as an enforcer can decided what method and how the person should be punished which includes Immortals, so you will be very respected and feared at the same time by astral being, and everyone will want to be on your good side. ;p
It will takes about 3 to 5 days to create both the Talisman and the Guardian, it is a custom personalize item, only you can use it, and give and take a few days around it, sometime the 3 neutrals can get busy and forget the time zone difference, so give and take a few days if we are late about it.
The price is inclusive of postage and we will ship it via USPS regular mail with tracking number.
The listing cost $9,000 but if you directly bank transfer, it will only cost $7,500, and again that amount is already inclusive of postage fees (via USPS regular mail with tracking). and at a discounted price already, so no voucher allowed, if you want to exchange voucher, you can still do so, buy from the store directly and use the voucher, it will end up the same price as direct bank transfer.
All necessary information are on this very listing, if you cannot comprehend and have to ask Ali questions and claiming so and so isn't mentioned, then don't buy, because if you are not smart enough to understand the listing, then you are not smart enough to deal with Justice and being an Enforcer, both require intelligence, and the neutral do not wish to deal with people that are not capable of thinking.

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