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Neeandial flow lines, all in 1 activate services


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Neeandial flow lines

This is a listing for a Neeandial flow lines activation energy ball. 

This isNOT a reiki!
We will activates, repairs and restores your Neeandial flow lines, which in turn since it is prepared just for each person, we will do a full activation.
This is a full activate services, all in 1 listing, we will do the following:
1) Neeandial flow lines
2) A FULL chakara cleansing (all 9 of them)
3) A FULL aura cleansing
4) Fully activate your 3rd eye.
When all these are activate, it will strengthen your aura and your chakaras and makes the person more sensitive to their spirits/entities energies, in fact to all astral energies.
Also if the person is having pain or discomfort due to these energies, it will remove the pain, does not happens overnight nor in a week or two.
After you have been activated in all these area, you would need to put in efforts to work and develop them as well. Upon getting this listing, it does not mean you can be superman or wonder woman, neither you can just sit on your butt and waits for miracles to happens.
By getting this listing, you saved a lot of money as per charka cleansing will cost $36.50 by getting all charka cleanse will cost $328.50 already and that does not include aura cleansing nor activating your 3rd eye, it is just cleansing for all charka point, so this listing not only provides an ALL IN ONE services but also a great saving for everyone.
To read more about the 8th and 9th charka point, please refer to the forum thread:
And before you email me asking why you cannot view that topic, please have the initiative to read through the forum on how the forum works:
What we will do is all written on the listing so what's not here means we dont. We don't need your bday as nothing of sort is written here so do not write unncessary info on comments. All we need is your name and that will show up upon your purchases. :)
We will send an email for the activate code to call down the energy ball, after receiving payment, within 1 to 2 days. This is a non tangible item.
HTM exclusive.
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