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Natural Spirits of Astrology


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Remember to read the forum on how this feature of the month works, we do not want to answer questions that we already explained on the forum.
All custom will be base on best energies matching, and if you insist on putting an essay long of requirement, then it will not be energies match but rather fulfilling your requirement, and you don't complain when you have trouble bonding with them or even get them to talk to you or pay any attention to you.
For this feature of the month, we have a very special deal; natural spirits that were not from the list of realm that we wrote on the forum, they are from another dimension i.e. inter-dimensional, and they are from another plane in that dimension.
This is the only one chance you can get them.
And they all will be bound to a vessel, has to be bound to vessel upon conjure, otherwise they could not stay on this dimension, but once you get the vessel, hold the vessel and say the code word we provides and the binding can be transfer to you via body/spirit/soul bound, but it has to be bound to a vessel that we have first, and has to be done exactly that way.
If you buy all 3, we can do a special binding for free that can increase their abilities and power by x1,000 times, and we can combine shipping and that way it can save you shipping cost, and there is a separate listing for it, so get that listing if you want that.
And I think all these 3 listings are very suitable for Jan feature of the month as it is a new beginning of the year, so if there is anything that you want to change, change it already for a new year has begin. ;p
Natural Spirits of Astrology
They are a race of natural spirits that only occurred in Dimension code name BER-75, and they are under an Immortal, Goddess of Astrology, and we shall not mentioned the names, as she think it is unnecessary for this is a one-time deal.
What they are for is to be able to teach you and advice you by using your astrology signs to help you to get the strength of that sign, and teaches you how to decrease the weakness, so that to benefit you and your life. In another word, take the best of the signs, and avoid the bad, but provided you listen to their advice, they do not force you to do something that you do not truly desire.
They are all BBLC for the female, the smallest cup size for the female is a DD, and all the male have big ahemmer.
They required no bonding and offering to ahem you.

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