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Magickal and Hidden Abilities Reading

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Magickal and Hidden Abilities Reading
Have you ever wonder if you have any magickal ability, or hidden ability that you have not activated or triggered yet? Well... get this listing!! This is the reading just for you!
This reading will tell you if you have any magickal abilities or/and Hidden abilities that you may already have a suspicion about it but couldn't confirm if it is true, or one that you do not know about simple because you haven't activate or trigger it yet!
Get this reading and it will reveals it all! :p
Example of a reading result:
Sample 1
You have 1 magickal abilities and 1 hidden ability.
Magickal abilities: Wanting something minor to happen and it does in just a day or two.
Hidden Ability: Knowing what people want before they ask.
Sample 2
You have 2 magickal abilities and 2 hidden ability.
Magickal abilities:
Needing something the store is out of and getting it anyway.
Having someone who is causing you problems leave you alone for no reason.
Hidden ability:
Avoiding certain areas and activities you normally likes, and avoiding accidents.
Knowing what is wrong before it goes wrong.
Sample 3
You have 2 magickal abilities and 0 hidden ability
Magickal abilities:
Wanting/needing some money (small amount) and it shows up.
Touching something and knowing what has happened around it.
Sample  4
You have 0 magickal abilities and 1 hidden ability
Hidden abilities: Knowing what is going to happen in a specific situation even before it happens.
The reading will look something like the above, and that is the results you will get for this reading, and that is all we will send.
And the above are EXAMPLES of what Magickal and Hidden Abilities, they are NOT all of it, but only a small handful of EXAMPLES!!
We will take about 2 to 3 days to do the reading. All reading result will be sent to your email address that you use to register for the store account.
Please be warn that if you are using private company or school email address, there are high chances that your sever host will automatic rejects our emails and we will unable to send you any email.
And recently, we have the same problem with hotmail as well, so if you can use gmail account email address.

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