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It has come to my attention that I need to make rules & conditions on replying & receiving emails.
Before you email me, do this:
1) READ and COMPREHEND the FAQ, T&C & forum!!!! Forum Link can be found on the homepages. 
Do NOT ask me questions which are already covered on store & forum. 
READ before you contact me.
2) Do NOT ask about "who is calling you" or "give me more info on the unbound that is around/calling me"
3) If you are waiting for our email, it is YOUR responsibles to check your spam/junk folder instead of spamming me that you didnt received.
Do NOT spam us with questions when are you going to receive the entity/spirit info, when its DONE we will send you, so STOP ASKING!! The min to max waiting time can be found on the forum as we update it from time to time.
Should you ordered something and expecting mails from me, MAKE SURE you remember which email you have used to register for the account on store and NOT flood me with "I didnt receive your email"
4) Read the listing. Do not email me with questions that can be answered on the listing.
5) If you bought rehome entities/spirits, it is none of our concern to reply you with the actual listing information as we have given all informations to the original keepers. Approach the one who sold you that rehome entities/spirits as it is their responsible to provides you the information.
If the entities/spirits got rehome 100 times, then we have to reply to 100 keepers at 100 times? This doesnt make sense at all. And we do not encourage rehoming them just cos of implusive buying or not taking the efforts in bonding then blame them for not having activities.
Who to email:
Please ensure you have READ and COMPREND the ENTIRE STORE DOCUMENTS and FORUM before email me!
Do NOT abuse the "contact me" page.
I do NOT reply to enquires that can be answered on the Store or Forum!!!!!
Choose "Bun Bun HTM" for general enquires for Haunted Tarot Magick (HTM).
Choose "Loyalty Program" for the Claims for the HTM Loyalty Programme.
Choose "Change binding" to submit the spirits/entities info for your "Changing of binding" purchases. ;)
I will remove the contact us if I find people are abusing it, like I did it before, I am now putting it up once more for your convenience sake so that you have a mean to contact us if you have to, so don't ask stupid questions.





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