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HTM Divination Cards Reading - 5 readings Package deal


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HTM Divination Cards Reading - 5 readings Package deal
4 years ago, Old man and I have created our very own divination cards using different types of references such as different races of entities, location, actual person, Immortals, and real events, and we have been using it ever since for ourselves and it has proven quite accurate, so we decided to have this reading for the store as well.
The cards work like any other divination methods such as tarot and runes, ask a question, pull a card and that's it, but the person has to know what the reference means, and it works great for us because we know what it means.
So here we are listing the reading up, ask a realistic question and you will get a very straight forward answer which probably will be about 1 to 2 sentence but it will be plain and simple and very straight forward with no twist and turn and beat around the bush, just plain answers. And this listing is only $15, so don't expect 10 pages long of explanation.
This listing is a package deal for 5 readings, so ask 5 questions, REALISTIC and PRACTICAL questions please!
Ask short and simple and straight forward questions! Don't write an essay long, you are not trying to submit draft for LOTR or Hobbits!!
Example of GOOD REALISTIC question, and example of how our answer will be:
Q: I met this guy call Sam, and I am hoping to develop the relationship further, tell me about Sam.
A: Zeus Card (Romance Relationship mode).
Sam is probably not going to be faithful to you, he will have 1001 other women ahemming him at the same time while dating you or even married to you.
Q: I met this guy call Tom, and I am wondering if it is a good idea to continue to develop the relationship further.
A: Zeus Card (Polities Mode)
You probably have what he wants, more like a climbing step to help him to get higher statues and fame, so he will be willing to marry you even if he don't love you, he see this relationship like a political arrangement.
Q: I am married for 10 years and me and my wife name Mary seem to have problem maintaining the marriage, what can I do?
A: Rainbow Angel.
Be bold and try out new things, could be even as simple as try wearing colourful clothing and new design of the latest trends, do or wear something that usually you wouldn't do or don't dare to do. And have fun.
Q: I have a job interview next week, and I am applying to be a chef in a 4 stars restaurant, what are my chances of getting it?
A: Elf. Very high chance you can get the job provided there are not many higher competitors that has way better experience than you have and willing to take lower salary.
Q: I am in the process of submitting a contract bid, what are my chances of getting it?
A: Fire Plat. No way you will get it, just plain No.
Q: I am thinking of changing jobs, and I am going to interview one soon, what the chances?
A: Trident of Nothing. The job that you are going to interview probably is a scam, be very careful of what they ask you to invest especially kaching in order to get the job.
Q: I have a full time job, but I am wondering how can I make some extra kaching in my free time?
A: Boatman of Styx. Try fishing guide or tour guide during tourist season.
Q: I was wonder what would be a good suggestion that I can do to get some extra kaching and I would like and enjoy?
A: Water Plat. Try magician.
Q: I am looking at a house and I really like it, so I plan to put a deposit and buy it, will the house be good for me?
A: Gargoyle. Not a good match for you.
Q: I am currently living in my house for a few years now, tell me about my current house.
A:  Gargoyle. The house protects you, and feel like it guard you good. You feel safe in there. It is a good house for you.
Q: I am planning to move to xxx/a plot of land/property, will it be good for me?
A: Elf. You probably will not like the neighborhood there, you have no clue or what you are doing half of the time, and you will have communication problem with your surroundings.
Q: What will happened if I continue my current path of what I am doing?
A: Merlin the III (Early stage).
Whatever you are doing, you are doing it right. Continue the path and you will gain fame and glory.
Q: I just want to know what is my current situation on my general overall.
A: The "Bob" Card. (From Bob's Destiny)
You have missed and lost opportunity in the past which could have gain you fame and fortune so if you continue to do what you do, you probably will miss more opportunity, sometime opportunity comes very quietly, you have to spot it.

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