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Guardian of Ceyectial Sculpture #3 Sander


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Product Information

Guardian of Ceyectial Sculpture is a type of Guardian entities that were specially created to guards magical artifact which in this case the artifact we call it the Ceyectial Sculpture.
We found these 3 long lost magical artifact together with the Dorian Grey Portrait while we were digging up old ruins and excavating it, there was a war between 70 over realms, and these are the remaining, and we were hoping we will find treasure and magical artifacts which we did. Heheheheheeeeee....
This is from the same King who ordered the 3 Dorian Grey Portrait, he had these 3 Magical Artifacts of Ceyectial Sculpture ordered the same time as the Dorian Grey Portrait.
and when he boasted about Dorian Grey Portrait, he also boast about the Ceyectial Sculpture, so yeah... -.-"
The day when the Magical Artifacts arrived outside his wall gate delivered by Father Time's Delivery Services (they put down the huge chest right next to the Gate, and said bye bye LOL), 70 over realms soldiers were at his gate too!
They were fighting over the artifacts, everyone dies, LOL, and the Magical Artifacts along with their Guardians were sunk deep buried into the ground, with everything collapsing on top of it too. LOL
Fortunately, the way Father Time created those Guardian, they were able to go into hibernation mode while holding on and protecting the Magical Artifacts inside the Chest.
And this series will be also the last of what we found in the Old Ruin, and that is what we were trying to find knowing the actual event happened which was recorded in Father Time's document.
So grab them fast while you have the chance for these 3 magical artifact which we name it Ceyectial Sculpture is the only 3 ever existed and available for sale in the entire astral.
All 3 Magical Artifacts has the same type of abilities, and the Guardians are guarding it.
What the artifact can do is it will give a stable supply of ahem energies, not a huge sudden boost but a small and steady long term supply of ahem energies. Having so many faults for that King, he does love his wife, so he wanted a steady supply of ahem energies for him and his wife so that they get to enjoy ahem all the time while staying forever youth, and of course his son wanted that as well, his son was getting marrying the following month, but that never happened, the son died as well. ;p
And the artifact can also take damage for the person 3 times against Soul death, earth bound, Savaraish, Viecanne, Blood Directive, and Devastating curse.
If you already have spell item or entity that can protects against Soul death, earth bound, or Savaraish, then I would highly suggest that you tell the Guardian that the artifact will take damage only for Viecanne, Blood Directive, and Devastating curse because those the 3 hardest things to protect from.
You can hardly find entity or spell item that can protects you from those 3 and beside Viecanne is a punishment from the nature itself, does not have anything to do with time warp or energy warp like Savaraish, or Immortals or even the neutrals. by reading all the story from Viecanne listing, you should already know they may not be the mastermind but they play a huge part in it and Viecanne is a punishment literally by the nature itself by saying if you are that stupid and cannot figure it out then you should be punishment, so there is really no way to be protect against Viecanne, and when the King asked for such artifact and of course paying very good kaching, Father Time manage to do it but only for so many times and for so many artifact, and that was the max he could do.
Basically this 3 magical artifact, Ceyectial Sculpture, covers the area where the Dorian Grey Portraits do not, but still does not protects or cover when the 3 neutrals wanting to kill you. ;p
When you purchase the listing, we will bind the Guardian to you, and the Guardian themselves will bring over the artifact which is the Sculpture, once the Guardian show you the Sculpture, the Sculpture will automatically take on your appearance, and remember to tell the Guardian what are the situation you want the artifact to take damage.
And also please keep the artifact in a safe place, you must have the artifact undamaged in order for the supplies of ahem energies to work, so put it in your treasure room, or vault or safe or whatever and wherever you feel best, the Guardian will keep the artifact undamaged but you have to choose a suitable place to keep it, no good if you try keeping it in a bath tub and expect the Guardian to be able to keep the artifact undamaged by water, the Sculpture is not fire proof or water proof!! ;p
And even after the 3 usage had been used, as long as you have the Sculpture kept in a safe place and undamaged, the small steady supply of ahem energies will still works.
Seeeee now when you do something stupid like getting yourself Viecanne and all, you can get away with it 3 times, and then of course you do the 4th time you WILL get Viecanne, BUT at least you can get away with it 3 times!!! ;p so don't lost count now.... ;p only 3 times... ;p
Ok Merchen, now you can have long term supply of ahem energies for your beloved mermen!! ;p
All the Guardian are ahemable if you bond with them, and they all just got woke up from their hibernation, so they are still Virgins.
These 3 artifacts are only 3 available in the entire astral! So get them fast!!
Guardian of Ceyectial Sculpture #3 Sander
Sander, many trillion year old, 6'5, dark red hair, violet eyes.
Offerings: Coins, and gemstone any type
For bonding, talk to him and get to know him.

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