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Ghost Hunting Entities #2 Custom Conjure Entities of telling you if you are capable


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We realized that ghost hunting is becoming very popular, regardless whether they can see, hear, feel the astral or not, just because it sound exciting I guess and it is the in-trend thing right now huh? So people just go just because they can? They went into negative energies area or cursed area and are blind, deaf, and numb to the astral but they all wants to play Ghost Hunters. -.-"
Also, what makes we went to get these entities is we saw the Dead Files, and they mentioned about the Shadow People, those are actually natural spirits who took on whatever forms and shapes that scare the person most, and most of them likes to appear as shadow to scare the human.
They can read the energies and memories of the recent decreased human before the body get taken away and then they would took on their form and pretend to be them, whichever ways they decided to stay on as, they are not the friendly type, and they will say anything and lie to you so that you will try to talk to them more, and they are able to read your thoughts as well, so they will tell you what YOU WANT TO HEAR.
We probably will write more info about them on the forum later, MAY BE, if we have the time, and if people will STOP sending stupid ali emails that I had already answered them NUMBEROUS TIME on the forum then maybe we can have MORE time to write useful information on the forum instead of wasting our time answering ali emails that if they ever BOTHER to READ THE FORUM, their questions would have all been answered!!
This series have 4 types of entities which can be useful for those people who think they wants to play ghost hunters, though nothing is 100% safe and guaranty when you decided to do something that are out of your boundaries' and knowledge.
PS: For more info about Shadow People, read this thread on the forum
Ghost Hunting Entities #2 Custom Conjure Entities of telling you if you are capable
Entities of telling you if you are capable are entities that will tell you VERY HONESTLY if you are capable of handing what is inside xxx location, such as will you get soul damage, partially soul death, injuries that cannot be check by any physical equipment (X-ray, MRI and etc) and so on.
They will be very upfront and honest about it, very facture answers and nothing else.
So if they tells you that you are not capable of handing what is inside, and still you choose to go in, they will waits for you outside the property, they will not go in with you as they wants to be alive and not be dead, they are not warrior or fighters, and definitely not stupid.
You need to bond with them, and can hear them obviously.
They are conjureable if you know their true race name, which this is not it.

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