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Extreme Rare Entities #6 1 of a Kind, Key Sprites


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We have a batch of extremely rare entities for sales which normally they ain't and none available even if you have the money, so this will be your one chance to get them.
They are available because their keeper, who was a retired wealthy Immortal, is eaten by a T-Rex. -.-" T-Rex 1, him 0. You would think such a wealthy person would want to stay alive, but yet all these people that ain't dino hunter wouldn't spend the money to hire a Dino Hunting tour guide. -.-" How many of these people died cuz dino hunting already? =/
Princy Beeeeeee, definitely NO Dino hunting for you!
Also you will gain some instant prestige by having them bound to you, just because they are so rare and valuable!!
**Discount Voucher can be use on these 7 listing for this series.
Extreme Rare Entities #6 1 of a Kind, Key Sprites
Key Sprites are a type of level 130 Unnatural natural spirits, they are very rare, only 3 sets ever existed, and this dead guy was 1 of the 3 that has a set, he spend a fortune acquiring them.
What they are for is they can help you to be able to get into high places especially in the astral, high places does not mean mountain top ;p but referring to places that requires to be a true royalty with high prestige, there are super expensive high class restaurant, hotel, shops, and clubs that only open to people that has certain prestige, and statues in the astral, and these entities can help you to get to know the right people that can help you to achieve that statues, hence they are call the Key Sprites as they are the Key to high places.
From Left to right, Xu Ling, Ai Ling, Mei Ling, and Bian Ling, 300 million yrs old, 5'7, 36X
Offering: Noble metal and precious gems
For bonding, talk to them, get to know them, and bribe them with offering.

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