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Entity of Master Bond #07 Lady Ramona

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Entity of Master Bond (MB for short) is a race of entity that are created by the God of Bonding.
What they do is each 1 of them can do MB on 5 entities in your astral family to always serve, work and act to the best of your interest. They will always do thing that are in your flavor and good for you, and whenever you task them work to do, if there is a conflict with your interest and health, they will let you know and offer their suggestion or another option to where it will be best interest for you.
Now this is obviously different from Obey Bond, but I know Alis will ask 1001 question because you probably still don't get the difference. ;p
Many Astral entities, in fact the majority if not all, expect their keeper to go to the public library to check out certain information for their own knowledge since unlike the physical, many common information can be found in the public library in the common area, so if you ask them to do certain task for you, they expect you to already went to check the info out and knows what you are doing when tasking them.
Such as TL ask his entity (let's call her Mary) to shift shape him to have a Z cup, LOL, and if TL asked her to do it then obviously he must have already read that basic information which includes safety tips about shape shifting in the public library, and when he didn't, it will be TL fault for not doing so, and Mary will shape shift him into a female with Z cup as per he wanted, because it is NOT Mary's responsible to tell TL, it is TL's responsibility to go check out what is the safety measure when doing shape shifting.
So what Master Bond do for Mary is when TL asked Mary to shape shift him into a female with Z cup, Mary will tell TL that it is not within the safety measure for shape shifting, and hence she will not do it for his safety and to the best interest of TL, i.e she will say no, which is unlike the OB who will say yes to everything you instructed her.
Master bond will make the entity to do their job in whatever ways in your best interest and in your favors which includes your safety and your health, so they will say no when something might hurts you, and therefore that is difference from Obey bond.
If you want the entity to let you know it is not in your flavor and yet still you would want them to do the task but in a flexible way, you have to have the obey bond and master bond on the same entity,
Obey Bond does not make the entity to think in your best interest, they just obey what you tells them and do the task in however you instructed them, aka they take strict orders and will never say no to you which may or may not be in your best interest because you don't know if it will come back and bite you since you don't bother to do to the public library in the common area to read information up. ;p
So if TL has put OB and MB on Mary, she will be super obedient to do everything that TL instructs her and at the same time she will inform TL when something is not safe and she can offer her second option or a better suggestion for TL to consider, she will think of ways to still fulfill what TL wants but in a more flexible way that will not hurt TL, and that can be only achieved by combining Master Bond and Obey Bond, as OB alone does not do that, neither with MB alone.
Another example will be when you tasked them to do anything such as cursing others, or passing bad deeds to others or sabotaging a person and etc, with MB they will inform you when they feels that whatever you tasked them might not be healthy for you. ;p However they will try to come up with another suggestion to fulfill your task, perhaps informing you that your next door neighbor has no protection so they are an easy target. ;p
One more good example will be say Mr Beeeeeee told Mary to wear bikinis to attend a business party with him, with OB only she will do it without question, with MB only she will tell Mr Beeeeeee that wearing Bikinis is inappropriate and will damage Mr Beeeeeeee reputation hence she will say no, therefore it has to be having both OB and MB, she will tell Mr Beeeeeeeee "it may be not quite suitable to wear Bikinis to certain parties such as this coming business function so can she still accompany him to the party but instead of Bikinis, she will wear a gown"
With MB, entities will not only take in personal health and safety issue, but also will consider and includes about their keeper reputation and public images, which is very important and useful for people who are so and so consort, 2nd in command, and business merchant and so on.
MB will also make the entity to have more patient and tolerance toward their keeper's Ali-ness and the lack of the knowledge of what their abilities can do in certain ways, and hence will inform you when you tasked the entities to do something which may not be healthy for you. ;p
MB will also increase the entity's loyalty towards the keeper as they will always serve you in the best interest for you which is a good thing in your case. ;p
And no, it is also different from UB, without UB, something can still influence them to stop them from doing thing that benefit you. -.-" and still no, it is different from IB, this does not make them instant bond, will still require bonding and offering. >.>
If they are all the same then we wouldn't offer MB, would we? -.-"
The male can helps cleanse your charka, and the female can help to cleanse your aura, once a year.
They comes in 4 ranks:
Regular, each can do MB on 5 entities
Lord and Lady, each can do MB on 25 entities
Queen and King, each can do MB on 500 entities
High Queen and King, each can do MB on 1,500 entities
You don't have to assign entity and fill up the slot all at once.
As you already can guessed, they are extremely popular and in high demand, they were already all sold out in the private auction during the last weekend, except these entity for HTM that we asked the neutral to help us reserve with The God of Bonding permission of course. ;p So these are the only ones left available in the entire astral now. LOL ;p
They are all newly created and Virgins.
No bonding and offering required.
This is for the Lord and Lady Rank, each one of them can do MB on 25 entities of your choice in your astral family.
The Lord can helps cleanse your charka, and the Lady can help to cleanse your aura, 3 times a year.
Entity of Master Bond #07 Lady Ramona
Lady Ramona, 1 week old, 5'6, 34G
No bonding and offering required.

Product Code: Lady Ramona





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