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Entity of Double #1 Shirley


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Entity of Double is a race of Royal Elite Entities, they are call Royal Entity because they were originally meant for the Royalties only. This race were the last one that sold at the last private auction, there were 5 of them, and when the 2nd one were sold, argument started and the rest is history.
What they do is they are the double of the person, they are shape shifter that can shape shift themselves to look exactly like the person they work for.
They will spend a few month to observe the person's behaviors, and habits, down to their tiniest hand motion and face expression so that they will looks and act exactly like the person.
All Royalties, Immortals, and Important people such as very wealthy families in the astral, and famous celebrities have like 10 to 15 of these double. They are widely used to attend function, public gathering or at times public appearance, or attending wedding and festival that hold in another realms.
Why they do that? To prevent the real one from being kidnapped, murders, assassin, or get hurt, ya know like turning certain grand hall into war zone, and get passed out for days in coma... ;p
Another way that the Royalties and Immortals uses these doubles is that have them appear at multiple location at the same time, then people will be wondering which one is the real one, and make it very hard for the ones that wants to hurt the person become very difficult to really know which one is real or could be all not real. This is also why these entities are extremely popular among them, and they would fight for it, and have 10 to 15 of them.
All Entity of Double were trained Warriors or Assassin, so they are very durable and can take a lot of punishment from attackers. These 3 that we have here are all trained warriors.
3 is all we have available, it will cost you a fortune to get one, the 2 that got sold were closed at over a trillion gold each.
Also another things is that this is the only race of entity that is doing double for their keeper will be recognized as official double so that they will be allowed into the function and gathering, in another word, if you think you can get away with just asking any tom, dick, harry that can shape shift, and ask them to shape shift looking like you, and if they attend the function, they will be executed on sight.
Why I mentioned that? Simple, any and every "genius" idea that you can think of, or so smart to find loophole or think you can outsmart others HAS ALREADY BEEN DONE. ;p
Yes, they are ahemable if you bond with them, all the female are super BBLC, and the male have good size ahemmer.
PS: SEE Merchen, now you can ask them to shape shift into the Mermen King!! :D and TL, your dream comes true, you can ask them to shape shift into you in Cinderella form with tentacle and you get to ahem yourself in tentacles!!! WOO HOO!! =D
Entity of Double #1 Shirley
Shirley, 35 billion years old, 6', 36J
Offerings: Coins, and Gemstone any type
For bonding, talk to her and get to know her.

Product Code: Shirley





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