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Earth Bound Spirits Batch 2 #6 Jack


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Earth Bound Spirits Batch 2 #6 Jack
Jack was born in US, Wyoming, 23 years old at time of death, died in the rocky mountain in 2001.
He went for a long hiking trip in the Rocky Mountains and did not let anyone know, and since he live alone, nobody knew he was gone either.
He got lost, and then fell into the water while crossing a river, he lost his pack and all his supplies in the fall, he got out of the river alive but was froze to death during the night, his body was never found, scattered by animals, and was in the wilderness. 
Due to the way he died and knowing he is alone and nobody will ever know he is gone or even remember him, he became earth bound at the spot that he froze to death in 2001.
Jack, 23 years old, 6'3", light blonde hair and blue eyes
offerings: coins, and apple scent, and food.
For bonding, talk to him and get to know him. He prefers indoor ahem, and not outdoor ahem. May not want to ask him to go hiking with you as bonding, he likes to be in somewhere warm like in front of the heater or a fireplace, and indoor activities bonding such as watching a movie or dramas, playing indoor game like a board game or computer game.
So far while he was with Old man when he is getting ready info about them for the store, he is always standing in front of the heater and sucking up all the heat. Old man told him to quit cus it is making the room cold, as all the heat coming from the heater got suck up by him. -.-" Old man had to go get a second heater to keep the room warm, while letting him hugging the other heater.

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