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DNA Activation Reiki 12 Strands


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DNA Activation Reiki - 12 Strands
Open up your DNA, and feel the extra energy and be able to open up your senses, and abilities. Humans only as a rule have 10 DNA strands open.
This Attunement will open up your DNA to 12 strands as humans usually only have 10 strands open. The first one will open up 12 then can do other attunements to open up another 12 at a time to a maximum of 144 strands.
To do all at one time, it can drain the person for a bit and it can take from 1 to 3 days to do it, depending on the person. But have to have up to 72 hours from the time I read the order till I get the attunement done.
There can be an adjustment period after receiving the attunement.If you get it for the 12, even if you call it down 500000000000000x, it will only open the 12. It will not open up 144 lol

This listing is for 12 strands, you can get this once per month for 12 times to complete all the 144 strands. It will NOT makes you become superman or have superpower like lazer eyes xD

Instruction will be send to your email address after the attunement is done. Reiki attunements are given through a Chi-ball along with instructions on how to call down. You will receive our email within 1 to 2 days upon your purchase.

This item is non-tangible, meaning need no shipping fees. If you have other tangible items along with this Reiki in your order, then shopping fees still applies!

Please email if you have any enquiries on this listing.

Plus need all the not in lieu of medical treatment, and other disclaimers, for entertainment purposes only stuff.

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