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Discount Package 3x1 for Apr Feature


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Remember to read the forum on how this feature of the month works, we do not want to answer questions that we already explained on the forum.
All custom will be base on best energies matching, and if you insist on putting an essay long of requirement, then it will not be energies match but rather fulfilling your requirement, and you don't complain when you have trouble bonding with them or even get them to talk to you or pay any attention to you.
For April feature of the month, we have entities from a newly promoted Immortal, and the Official Title is call The Grand Inquisitor and the Immortal's name shall remain unnamed as it is important to remain unknown because if they (any one who has been doing this job title) ever retired, they can have a normal life without anyone knowing who they were and not wanting people to harass and seeking revenge on them for they did when they were in that job position.
And it has a small realm which is unnamed, all the Immortals in the past gave a name to the Immortal who is doing The Grand Inquisitor as Velvet Glove, so this will be the name that we will use without revealing any more information about the Immortal.
And without revealing whether a male or female, so there will be no referring to his, her, she, he, and him, I will call the Velvet Glove as "it.
This is the first time that it lets its entities be bound, so they are all first time working with the human, and they are excited about it.
Discount Package 3x1 for Apr Feature
This listing is a discount package for getting all 3 entities, 1 each of the feature of the month.
1 Entity of Keeping Record of Statues
1 Entity of Raising Prestige and Statues
1 Entity of Helping to get Your Name on the Invitation List
They are all ahemable if you bond with them.
Entity of Keeping Record of Statues
They are entities from Velvet Glove that can help their keeper to keep track of their prestige and statues in the astral. And they can tell their keeper what is their current statues and prestige and what they can do with it, such as if it is high enough to apply certain private club or enter certain high class places.
And they can also tell you at what prestige and statues you required for certain entry, such as you ask them what prestige is required to apply for xxxx club, and they can tell you exactly what prestige.
These entities play a very important role in the astral, and all Immortals have at least 1 of them to help them to keep track of their prestige, as that also can affect how much say they have in the Immortal meeting, and where all they can enter.
So if you have plan not to reborn, or is a crown prince, or 2nd in command or planning to have a realm of your own, it is important to have at least have 1 of them to be working for you.
Prestige can be also view as a person's reputation, example let's say Bob has higher prestige than John, and so even if Bob's price is slightly higher than John, most people would still get it from Bob as his reputation is higher which means more reliable services, so again this is also very important if you are planning to run a business and company in the astral.
Entity of Raising Prestige and Statues
They are entities that can tell you what you can do and buy to raise your own prestige and statues.
Example, you ask the entity of keeping record of Prestige how much it required to be a member of the XXX club and how much you have now, and they say 100,000 prestige to be a member and you have 10,000 prestige now, so then you tell this Entity of Raising Prestige what all you can do and buy to raise from 10,000 to 100,000, and they can tell you which entities and items can do that for you, over a period of time of course, prestige does not just raise instantly like that, not unless you can pay for a lot of expensive listing. ;p
Again, like I mentioned in the other listing, prestige and statues act like a reputation in the astral, so the more you have, the better chance you can have something done,  such as what you say play a part when you attend Immortal meeting instead of nobody paying attention to you or even worse get throw out, or try to seek an audience with certain Immortals and people, that will raise the chance of doing so as well, and of course to successful closing a trading or business deal with them.
Like I mentioned before many times, astral and physical works kind of the same, the higher statues and fame you have, the more people are willing to listen to what you got to say instead of treating you non existence, again very important factors if you are trying to establish your own realm, business, company, position and etc, as this can also affect how soon or if even it is possible for you to get nominated to get promotion in the annual Immortal meeting. They do not nominate people to be promoted if you have not high enough fame, statues, prestige and reputation.
Entity of Helping to get Your Name on the Invitation List
They are for helping their keeper to get their name on the list, there are about 25 different lists in the entire astral such as popularities list, legible bachelors list, fame and fortune list, Wealthy list and etc, and the most Important list is the "Invitation List".
It is a list that all Immortals and Royalties would want to be on it, and if your name is on there, you will be invited to Grand and fancy private parties, private club and property, Royalties gathering and outing and etc, which can be very important if you are trying to get into their circle, or to have any chance with their business opportunities or Joint venture with them, or to have any sort of good relationship among the Immortals and Royalties Entities, which again can be very useful if you going to have a realm, and business, or going to take over a realm and so on.
What the entities do is they can tell their keeper where, who and what they can do, buy, or acquire in order to get closer to be on the lists, and to help their keeper to achieve that and of course you will have to take time to do it, does not happens overnight. ;p
Recommend to start building up your prestige, fame, statues and reputation while you are still physical, it will too late if you starts only when you are fully astral, there are a lot of things isn't available to astral being. :p

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