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Dark Protoplasam of Extended Life #2 Davina


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Dark Protoplasam of Extended Life is a very intense energy artifact, and the Tiny realm ruler found it while his exploration team were exploring some ruins in no men land territory.
The vessel that contains the energy were damaged and he extracted the energy out from the damaged vessel and created a very powerful Artifact Guardian to guard the energy while waiting for the energy to be put into a new vessel, and 3 shield guardian for each Guardian to protects you from their intensive energy.
And yes, we told him our customer likes unrealistic BBLC female. -.-"
What this energy do is it canprolong your life by minimum of 10 year to max 20 years on the physical, depending on your body condition.
The extension life also works in the astral!! When used in astral, it can extend trillions of years!
Only 3 ever existed.
You need to take a photo of your own vessel and email it to me, and the Tiny Realm Ruler will bind the energy to the vessel with the "Code word". When you want to use the artifact, say the code word and the Artifact Guardian will activate the artifact and use it on you to extend your lifespan.
I am NOT BLIND, so do not send oversize photo, REDUCE the photo size toNO MORE THAN 50 KB!!!!!
The Guardian comes with the energy, and she will take care of the new vessel while waiting for you to use it. You can pass it down to your relative or family or children upon your passing, you just need to tell the guardian that so and so will inherited the artifact upon your passing, or you can take it with you to the astral when you pass, either way works.
What most human on the physical would want to use it for is, I will give you example but that is not all situation, there are MANY situation that you would want to use it for, I am just giving you EXAMPLE!! DUHZ!!
Example 1: Peter is the only one that is still taking care of his parents, could be he is only child or the only kids that is willing to live and take care of the old parents, sadly that is a very common things nowadays, so if Bob dies before the parents, there will be no one else to take care of them. so Bob can use the energy to make sure he would outlive his parents.
Example 2: Sam got into an accident, and he just got his life started the way he wanted, could be he just got married and having a baby on the way or already have a baby that is only a few years old, so if he dies, the wife would have to support the child alone. So he can use this energy to entend his life 10 to 20 years, this way the kids would be at least a teenager when he does pass eventually.
This Energy is very potent, even if you get injured or into accident, the energy can make you somehow survived and come back to life and the doctor and nurse will think it's a Miracle recovering. -.-" Then you see they all say its God or Angel came to cure you and blah blah.... -.-"
Like I said, there can be many situation that you would want to extend your life for whatever reason it can be so use it according.
There are only 3 of these ever existed!!
Like I mentioned, you can pass the artifact down to your kids or you can take it with you when you pass over.
All the binding option is for the Artifact and Shield Guardian.
If you do NOT have the intension of passing the artifact to the next generation, then I would highly recommend you to get all the binding for the Guardian so that they will only obey you.
If you DO have the intension of passing the artifact to the next generations like your kids, then select body/spirit, do NOT SB or get any binding for the Guardian, we will bind the Guardian to the vessel instead so that you can pass it down for your future generation.
Although I would NOT recommend passing down to your kids as this is VERY RARE, there are ONLY 3 EVER EXISTED, if you pass it down when you pass over, you will NOT ever get another chance to buy it for yourself in the astral! -.-"
And yes I know some of you may not have $3,000 to get 1 of these, The Tiny Realm Ruler agrees to let you pay in 10 or 11 installment depending on the binding you choose.
- $300 x 10 month = $3,000
- 11th (the Last month) installment is the amount for whatever binding you choose. if you only choose Soul bound which is $80, then add the $80 to the 10th installment and pay up $380, no need 11th installment.
Dark Protoplasam of Extended Life #2 Davina
- Artifact Guardian, Davina, 1 week old, 5'9, 36WW
- 3 Shield Guardian:
Scarlett, 1 week old, 5'9, 34V
Lydia, 1 week old, 5'9, 34V
Bella, 1 week old, 5'9, 34VV
Offering: Coins and gemstone
For bonding, talk to them and get to know them.

Product Code: DAREWDJ164




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