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Custom Pendulum for One Entity/Spirits


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Custom Pendulum for One Entity/Spirits
I know many of you having trouble talking to your astral families, and some uses pendulum but may not get accurate answers, and are having doubts if the answers that you are getting from the pendulum are your own thoughts or from the entity that you are talking to.
This listing is forOne Custom Pendulumthat we will ONLY MAKE them upon your purchase, and it isspecify design to talk to ONLY ONE entity that you choose, and only that particular entity will answers.
Upon purchase you will have to tell us the race and the name of the entity that this custom pendulum is for, ONLY ONE, and that will be the ONLY ONE for the pendulum, for the alis, so if you want to specify 2 entities then you have to buy 2 custom pendulum, 1 each for each entity. This is to ensure no other rouge spirits or any other entities will hijack the pendulum and talks to you.
We will only make the pendulum after talking to the ONE entity that you pick, and we will pick the material and items that THE ENTITY LIKES (NOT WHAT YOU LIKES) and how they want the design to be, so that the entire pendulum will be totally custom made for that ONE ENTITY ONLY, and we will imbrue the pendulum with your energies and the entity's energies so that the ONE entity that you chosen will only talks to you, and no one else can ever use the pendulum except you, and we will link only you and the one entity to the pendulum too, again no one else can uses the custom pendulum except you.
But of course whether the entity wants to talk to you is totally their free will, so if the pendulum doesn't move, means the entity may not feel like talking at the moment or not free. LOL So be patient, sometimes it takes a while to get use to using a pendulum and get it works for you.
For an extra cost, only a small fees because I am such a nice Bunnie ;p we can get an Immortal's blessing of your choices on the pendulum for extra accuracy and protection.
So if you want to talk to a certain entity and wants to do it safely without inviting any tom, dick, harry especially you do not want rouge spirits like nasty natural spirits or BA or unnatural spirits to prey and lie to you then this is the listing for you.
We can do the custom pendulum for any entities and spirits that were bound to you, regardless soul, body, spirits or vessel binding, doesn't matter to us at all, BUT it has to be entities and spirits that are YOUR astral families, and not your mum, or aunties or gf, bf, next door neighbor, your boss's sister's son in law's 10 remove cousin, and etc, you get the idea... :p
We prefer to do the entities/spirits that were bought from HTM, because sometimes what the actual entities are doesn't match what the customers said it should be and we do not want any dramas and grief.
And if you are getting it for a rehome entity/spirits that were a custom conjure for another person, it may not have the best result neither, because it is a custom entity that matching the other person's energies, and not yours, so if you really wants to get it, then you have to be patience with them.
This is listing cost ONLY $30, and not $300 not $3000 not $30000000000000000, so if you are expecting a GRAND FANCYFUL EXPENSIVE GEMS pendulum, then you should NOT BUY!
For the Alis, this is a freaking custom pendulum, ONLY THE PENDULUM, does NOT includes the chain!!
List of the Immortals that you can choose to give blessing on the custom pendulum for a small fees. ;p
ONLY CHOOSE ONE and fill in the blank in the option space.
God of War, Thevius
Goddess of Magick, Avonelle
Goddess of Love, Mei Long
Goddess of Justice, Angela 
Goddess of the Moon, Valerian
God of the Sun, Rasich 
Goddess of Healing, Selena
God of Wealth, Zayner
Goddess of Prophecy, Tereshi                                   
God of Divination, Karmin                                  
Goddess of Learning, Miris                                     
God of All Craftsmen, Mordile                  
Goddess of Safe Travel, Karathine                         
God of Poetry and the Arts, Horitz    
Emperor of the Moos, Ardane  
Empress of the Merfolks, Marlene (OH NO! Merchen gonna kidnap ALL the MERMEN!! :p)
Emperor of the Elf's, Lythan   
Emperor of the Djinn, Horantio 
Postage fees and packing material:
If we overcharge you the postage fees and packing material, we will refund you the extra in vouchers and you can use it for your next purchases, if you are very concern about overpay postage fees then do not buy. We tried our best to estimate the postage fees but many times it just does not come out as what it would be according to the website charges.
PS: A regular Immortal's blessing costs $150 each, so $80 for this is consider very cheap. ;p

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