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Custom Conjure Velvet night fae


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Custom ConjureVelvet night fae
Velvet night fae is dark arts entity created by the Immortals Bast, Freya, and Sef. They help their keepers to look better, feel better about their looks, stay young, get wealthy and to have better ahem with all their spirits/entity's and other humans.
They are good for revenge and can protect their keeper against all human spirits, and can prevent them from being possessed as well.  
They are very kinky and love to have fun with their keepers.
Conjurable with their true race name and this is not it. This is a HTM Exclusive. As soon as we list any new race up, everyone starts saying they can do it as well but I have never see anyone put up these HTM exclusive race before HTM did.
As a rule in the astral, when you tried to conjure something that you have no knowledge about them, a Black Arts (BA) will come through and a BA can pretend whatever race you want it to be. And by BA, we refer to the REAL race of BA, not demons or any dark arts darker than demons; Demons are not the darkest race we have on store and they are consider as dark arts.
As a smart buyer and if you are truly interested to be spirit keeping for a long term with commitment, these are the kind of questions that you should be asking yourself, why have they not listed all these HTM Exclusive before HTM did if they said they knew and knows how.
And by getting a BA into your keep, you are going to get your spirits family kill. The BA will slowly take out (kill) all your protection spirits who tried to block and defend you from them or pretending to be them and make trouble for you so that you would get rid of them. So be very cautious from who you buy from, there are many overnight conjurers popping out of nowhere with no real trainings and knowledge.
So, if it is BA that you are looking for, don’t pay for it, just conjure up something that you do not know and you will get BA for free.
HTM exclusive.
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