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Custom Aquire Realm Manager


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Custom Aquire Realm Manager
Realm Manager is a group of elite and well trained entities that help the owner of the realm/land to orangise anything that they are being tasked with. They are consider as very valuable asset to every realm that has them and are very capable as well.
They do the job that they are being tasked with, such as if you plan to open different types of factories, you can task them with it, or if you want to open up cafes, you can task them with it, but you should have more than one. You task each one with 1 task i.e. 1 for factory manager and 1 for cafes and so on.
Generally each realm have at least 10 of them (main and assistant), and they are proved very capable and handy to have lol ;p
If you already own astral land or plan to have a realm of your own, they can help you with that. It is very useful and helpful to have one or more, it is recommended to have at least one if you really have a long term plan of making your own realm in the future, for they will come in handy when you need them.
There are very few left, as those who already gotten them do not let them go as they are consider as very valuable to every realm that has them and are very capable as well, and if you are able to get one that can work with you, they are a very valuable assets to have in your realm.
They have always work closely with the Realm Secretary, Berianne and Planner so that everything is good and running.
They are an acquire only.

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