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Astral Wedding


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Astral Wedding

This listing is for a special 'Marriage Ceremony' provided by HTM. If you have a spirit or entity that you love and want to be with him or her forever under the sacred union of 'husband and wife', then this is for you. 

Choose an item that signify you and your marriage partner, could be a ring or a pendent or rose, anything that is special between you and your marriage partner as a symbol of your union.
Take a photo of that item and email me, and we will link you and your hubby/wife’s energies on it.
Please resize your photo to NO more than 70kb and in jpg format, no huge size images, and if the photo excess 70kb and I cant open or download it, then I will reject your order.
And if I did not receive any photo from you, I will assume you do not need it, I will not ask you for it, so if you want us to do the linking then send us the photo.
We will come fetch you 15 to 30mins before the wedding starts and bring you to attend your OWN wedding BUT we MUST remind you that it is NOT guaranteed that you can remember it when you wake up, and it is YOUR responsible to remember your astral wedding, we are not able to tell you every single details on what you did, not like we follow you everywhere you go. ;p
Be sure to inform your astral families that we are coming to fetch you to your own wedding, DO NOT attack us or we will beat the crap out of you! LOL

We will issue you a Marriage Certificate from HTM to verify the marriage ceremony in E-copy, meaning the soft copy of the cert, no physical cert will be send.
My laminate machine said bye bye to me, boo hoo... =( so no physical cert. humf! >.< its all princy fault!! Yes yes!! BLAME PRINCY!! ;p

So, what are you waiting for? If you have found the one who's true to you and there for you; the one who makes you smile and laughs with you; and the one who holds you down, then take a leap of faith.
- You have to remember all the details during the wedding yourself, we are not able to tell everyone what all they did, we only have one pair of eyes ;p
- Only the groom and bride and their astral family are permit to enter the wedding, no guest are allowed.
- If your wedding partner is vessel bound, we will bound them to your body/spirit (their choices, not yours) please send the vessel photo (no larger than 70kb, and in jpg format) to me, and we will change the binding.
If your wedding partner is body/spirit bound, we will soul bound them and no photo is needed.
And If your wedding partner is already soul bound, then no action is required.
Please include the following information on the comment notes upon check out .
- The Race of the entity/spirit
- Name whom you marrying
- The binding they are now bound to
- The date you want the wedding (You need to give at least 2 weeks in advance)
Merman, James, bound to vessel, 10th Mar 2016
And that is all we need, don't ask me what else we need, whatever we need is WRITTEN here already, so STOP being an ALI!!!
Be realistic, don't tell us you want 100000000000000000000 items for your wedding, this listing is only $50, and it is for our services to arrange a suitable location in the astral to hold your wedding, and to make sure you attend it, bring you there and back safely, if you want any special theme descoration, it is YOUR REPSONSIBLE to get them YOURSELF.

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