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Animal of Exposing One True Self #4 Piggy


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Product Information

Animal of Exposing One True Self are creature or animal that are for exposing a person true face in the public, aka their true self. Many times we put on mask when we talk to people or act different in the public due to reputation, images, or trying to impress, looks good, or even due to certain moral standard of the society.
Like when people act different when drunk, and they claim they don't know what they are doing, not true, all alcohol did is remove their mask, they know exactly what they are doing but using alcohol as an excuses. People who act differently when they drunk, they are just showing what their true self are looks aka their true color.
And this is what these entities do, they expose the person true color in the public without the alcohol part.
So it is like you are trying to act nice and talk politely to a person you really dislike but due to maybe business relationship or even just trying to put on a good show, with these entity hits you, you will loses all the fake mask and will act as per you would, which can be bad in certain places and time. ;p
They can do this to 1 person once a month.
They can also protects you from one of their own being sent to you by others, but they can only do 1 out of the 2 things.
We have 4 for the store, cute panda, butthead cat, a stinky skunk and a fat Piggy. ;p You can name them whatever you want.
Animal of Exposing One True Self #4 Piggy
Fat Piggy, 200 years old, looks exactly like a pig that is fat!
Offerings: Coins and gems
For bonding, talk to him and get to know him.

Product Code: Piggy




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