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Angelic Guardian of Petrify, Poison and impotent #3 Michael


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Angelic Guardian of Petrify, Poison and impotent is a type of Guardian entity that has white glowing wings like an angel, and people mistaken them as angel or calls them angelic being although they ain't angel but the name struck plus they thinks the name sound cool. :p
There were only 18 ever created by Vejec 7 waves ago, commissioned by a King whose Kingdom was near the forest with mystical creatures and animals that can turn people to stone, and have very lethal poison and has a family of basilisk nearby. Remember this was a time when the astral is still near with the physical plane where astral being can walked on physical.
There were hunters that went to hunt in the forest and never came back, and was later found turned to stone, and healers who went outside the city to harvest herbs for medicine were missing and only a handful of their corpse were found, and they died by poison.
The King was concern about the well being of his people as well as for himself and his family, he likes to go fishing and hunting with his son during their father and son bonding time, but the only place to hunt or fish is outside the city, so he offered VERY GOOD kaching, that always seem to works ;p, and he commissioned Vejec to make 18 of these Guardian that can protects against petrify, and poison.
People that got turned to stone is call Petrify, and poison is animal and mystical creatures poisonous bites and stings.
Being Petrify in the reality, unlike in Harry potter, is almost near to zero percentage chances to curing it. So when you get petrify, you can basically kiss good bye to all your entities, fame, prestige, property and everything you have and own, your mind will still function even being petrify, so you will be unable to move and feel like crap and in pain cus being in stone, while watching everything and everyone as the world passing by.
There are creature and animal that can petrify a people by biting or stinging them, so not just gorgon and basilisk can turn people to stone, there are many mystical creatures and animal can do that, very powerful mage that can do that too, some BA and natural spirit can do that too, there are also poisonous food that can turn a person to stone by just touching it.
The King kept a total of 6 for himself, he put 3 in hibernation to serve as back up while he used the other 3 for himself and family, and the rest 12 he gave them the people in the city which is mainly for the healers and hunters, whoever turn it is to go outside the city for hunting and herbs harvesting will bring these Guardian entity with them so that they are protected, and it works, the Kingdom stood for thousands of years with good food and medicine and finally fell when the BA wars hit, and it became a ruin.
And as the world changes and waves goes by, the ruins was buried and shifted to the astral, and we found these 3 Guardian Entity hibernated in a deep buried cave during our excavation, we dug them up and let them unfrozen themselves.
We told Father Time what we found (he is the one who sponsor our excavation ;p) and he told us to check with Vejec because it sounded like one of his creation so we did, and he let us go through some of his record and we found what they are and what they can do, and then we begged him shamelessly to let us sell them on HTM. :p
After they woke up from their hibernation, we asked what happened to the 15? They said died in the BA war, they ain't warrior. LOL They are alive and in hibernation because the King put them there to serve as back up when the first 3 ability were used up, but never got around to it, so their ability are unused.
So here they are on HTM.
What they do is they can protects and take damage for the keeper 10 times from being petrify and lethal poisonous bites and sting by entities, BA, mages, mystical creatures and animal. Only works in the astral since they are now in the astral.
Getting Petrify also mean no more ahem for you. :p And there are also some very nasty poison bites from creature and animal that can causes a person to loses interest and desire in ahem, and eventually leads to impotent.
And protects against impotent causes by entities, spells, curses, and energy waves ONCE a year. right now you are physical so 365 days a year, and when you go fully astral it will be 600 days a year.
These are the only 3 alive in the entire astral, so grab them fast, and you shouldn't be fussy about male or female, you should be more concerned about what their ability do.
They are ahemable if you bond with them, and they took on new modern name for easy reference so if you MUST INSTST on knowing what is their name, you have to ask them yourself.
And they are all Virgin since they are in hibernation.
Angelic Guardian of Petrify, Poison and impotent #3 Michael
Michael, many trillion years old, 6'4
Offerings: Coins, and gemstone.
For bonding, talk to him and get to know him.

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