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1 of a Kind Dragon #1 Time Dimension Dragon, Jason

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1 of a Kind Dragon #1 Time Dimension Dragon, Jason
Time Dimension Dragon is a very rare type of mid-high dragon, mid-high refers to the rank not in the middle of drunk being high ;p
Only 1 available for binding, and he can do 2 things.
1) For 2 times in your entire existence, they can erase away 1 incident totally and reverse it.
Such as Merchen spilt on Mary 10 past life ago on the physical plane, and after Merchen go fully astral, 10 wave later, Mary saw Merchen in the astral and cut off his ahemmer, so this dragon can totally ease that 1 incident that Merchen spilt on Mary and get back his ahemmer.
Yes, he is very handy to have because he can erase away any incident even if it is from gazillion gazillion year ago, and reverse it, BUT only twice in your entire existence.
2) ONCE, only ONCE in your entire existence, they can shift you into different dimension to avoid a fatal damage.
Like doing stupid thing such as splitting on Odin then tell him to fxxx himself cus he can't do nothing about it, so he punched you which you would have died from that punch knowing how hard Odin hit people -.-
so with very good bonding which I doubt most of you will take the time and effort to do so, hence I highly recommend to take all the additional option ;p Anyway so this dragon can shift you into a different dimension to avoid Odin punch and then you better get the hell out of there. -.-"
Only works in the astral ok! Physical will takes too much energy and effort to do it. -.-"
Jason, 130 billion years old, western dragon, silver with electric blue around him
Offerings: Gold, silver, and precious gems
For bonding, talk to him, get to know him, bribe him with kaching, lots of kaching, and gems.

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