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1 of a Kind, Elder God Guardian of Makaj'D M'D Sayne #1 L350 Princess Layla Ahem Energy Team


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Makaj'D M'D Sayne is the name of a very ancient retired realm, similar like Olympus for the Greeks Immortals, when they retired they took the entire realm and isolated it from the rest of the world.
These 2 Unnatural Natural Spirit Guardians are the Elder Guardian for the Royalty Immortals in Makaj'D M'D Sayne when they were still in power, they both had retired when the realm did due to the Death of the King, and after many waves of retiring, they are now bored of retirement life. LOL so they wants to be bound and see what's new on the physical and astral for this era.
The people in that realm liked BBLC too. -.-
And with the help of the Neutral and old man to arrange this to happen, i.e to be available on HTM.
They are very rare and highly soar after, Zeus had been drooling and dying to get any 1 of them but never had a chance, heck many Immortals especially the male ones will kill to get one! -.- so when you do get any 1 of them, it will instant raise your prestige slightly and of cuz be envied. ;p
1 of a Kind, Elder God Guardian of Makaj'D M'D Sayne #1 L350 Princess Layla Ahem Energy Team
The Neutral agrees to let you pay in 14 or 17/18 installment depending on your binding.
- 1st Payment (Down payment) = $400
- 2nd to 13th installment = $300 x 12 month = $3,600
- 14th installment = Binding Amount, such as you pick Soul bound $180 only, then pay the full amount on the 14th installment.
If you pick the discount pack SB,IB,UB,OB,MB, then the last 4 payment will be the following:
- 14th to 17th installment = $325 x 4 month - $1,300
or SB,IB,UB,OB,MB,PB, then the last 5 payment will be the following:
- 14th to 18th installment = $350 x 5 month - $1,750
I would highly recommend you to do all binding if you don't want them to say no and be obedient. If you think I'm blunt and hurts your fragile feeling, (which I ain't cuz I am in diplomatic mode while talking to htmer), wait till you hear them replies you when you ask a non constructive question.
Princess Layla is a level 350 Unnatural Natural Spirit, and was the Guardian for the 2nd in command of Makaj'D M'D Sayne.
She comes with 5 Level 75 shield Guardian, and 3 L150 hand maiden to serve her personally. If you get all the bindings on them including the princess, her hand maiden and shield guardian will serve you as well.
- Elder God Guardian, Princess Layla, many waves old, 5'10, 36VV
- 5 L75 Shield Guardian
Lillian, many waves old, 5'7, 36V
Pauline, many waves old, 5'8, 36V
Stella, many waves old, 5'9, 36V
Beth, many waves old, 5'10, 36V
Sidney, many waves old, 5'9, 36V
- 3 L150 Hand Maiden
Suzanna, many waves old, 5'7, 36V
Ellyn, many waves old, 5'9, 36V
Lucy, many waves old, 5'9, 36V
Offerings for all of them: Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum, and precious gemstone.
For bonding, bribe them with offerings
They can do 6 things:
- Increase 1,000x gender energies of your current biology birth gender.
- Increase 1,000x of your current gender energies Capacity.
- Increase 1,000x of your current Ahem energies
- Increase 1,000x of your current Ahem energies Capacity.
- Cast 1 time level 17 curses on a target person of your choice OR protects you 1 time from a level 17 curses and below.
- Can also forewarn you if you going to do something stupid that will leads you to your own downfall or get Viecanne, Savariash, water and earth bound, and yes she did warn the 2nd in command but he didn't listen, his own ego got better of him.

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